Monday, March 28, 2011

26 Weeks DOWN... 14 Left... Can that be RIGHT?!

I have been B-A-D with the Kaki updates this time around... it's true isn't it??!! Your second child really does get the shaft?! I'm so sorry sweet Kaki... although I promise to make up for it with LOTS of cute pics of you when you grace us with your presence here in a few months...

That's right... I said a few months... my pregnancy ticker on my iPhone told me this morning that I had 14 weeks left... that's like the first trimester?! CRAZY! I can't believe how old she's getting! I am DEFINITELY NOT READY to see her anytime soon, so don't get any ideas Kaki-pants... you just keep on keepin' on in there!

Little Miss is still be-boppin' around all day long... I would dare to say that she is even more active that her big brother was... and she is certainly feeling stronger with each passing day! Speaking of her sweet big bro... he felt Kaki move again last night and since then has come up and placed his chubby little hand on my belly numerous times completely unprompted! He loves feelin' his lil sis! As far as I can tell he is understanding all that he possibly can about being a big bro... AND it's super exciting to watch his chest puff up and his crooked little smile try not to show when we talk to him about how GREAT he will be at being Kaki's big brother! I think he is ready for the challenge!

You'll have to pardon the pics from tonight... I have been MAJORLY suffering from allergies over the past few weeks and they are getting the BEST of me... my nose is raw, my eyes are puffy, my hair is greasy (wait... that doesn't have anything to do with my allergies...ha!)... you get the idea... ROUGH, doesn't quite describe it. BUT this is real life, right?! And I figured y'all could all use an ego-boost... :) Did it work?!!

Here is my 26 week pic with Caden... obviously it was a DIFFERENT time of year... hence the fading summer tan vs. my whitey-white skin tone I'm sportin' right now... BRING ON THE SUN!!

Although, I must tell you that last week was a bit of a rude awakening... when Caden and I were on a walk it was a mere 75 degrees outside and I was SWEATIN' it out... made me a bit nervous what June/July could bring! :) Ha!! My extra insulation sure does seem to make a difference! Or it's those hormones or somethin'... I'm gonna have to start carrying a sweat towel... be warned! :)

So I think Kaki and I look about the same as Caden and I did... what do y'all think? I can tell you that if I were to show you a FRONTAL shot comparison you'd notice a difference since I am carrying Kaki a bit wider, but from the side we're lookin' like we're pretty much in the same spot! :)

As Justin put it so kindly the other day, "You know, when you were pregnant with Caden I could never tell from the back, BUT with Kaki, I can TOTALLY tell!"

And he wonders why I haven't put up his laundry, YET?! :)

Ah, well... he meant well! If wider, puffier, jigglier, uglier means a HAPPY, HEALTHY baby girl and a HAPPY, HEALTHY Mommy... then BRING IT ON!! Let's get (KEEP) growin! :)

I figured my BUMP pics weren't all THAT exciting... BUT this next pic DEFINITELY is... a sneak peek into Kaki's room... the art series that my SWEET, TALENTED, DEAREST friend Casey Wiegand, painted for her room! I AM IN LOVE!!! She did a series for Caden's room too... I can't wait to show it to y'all! We are SUPER excited that our kiddos are going to be Casey Wiegand art collectors too! :)

Happy Monday y'all!!


KK said...

Bless your pea picking heart! I am so sorry you are so miserable but really glad Miss Kaki-pants is doing so well.

CaseyWiegand said...

okay you are so sweet to me, and you are beautiful :). thats a lucky little girl!!! xoxox

Shelly said...

Hi! I can't believe you are so far along. I can't wait to see little Kaki. Also, I am seriously obsessed with the art Casey did for Kaki's room. It's amazing and beautiful! WOW! What a treasure. You look so great! XOXO

Melissa said...

28 weeks?!? Can't quite believe it..July 4th will be here before you know it! The art for Kaki's room is amazing! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for her fun to decorate girly! I agree with you...looking about the same as you did with Caden. I was definitely bigger! Love you!

Cori said...

You look beautiful! I can't believe she will be here so soon! Miss you and love you!