Sunday, March 27, 2011

Got Worms...?

Well, we didn't have any worms! At least not the real kind... AND Bop wasn't too happy about that! Sweet Bop wanted Caden to be assured a "catch" on his first trip out with his FANCY new fishing pole, but we assured him that the experience was ALL that mattered to Caden. He had been looking forward to using his new pole since he got it in Waco a few weeks ago. Thankfully, Bop and Nana are keeping Caden's new pole at their house, so we don't have to fight the DAILY "let's go fishin' battle!" I mean I love fishin' as much as the next girl... but... :)

Yesterday, Nana, Bop and the fishing pole came down for the day to see the Chade-man! The highlight of the DAY was our trip to the pond to do some fishing! Each time we asked Caden who was coming to see him this weekend, he made sure to include his "fipping pole" on the list of those who would be in attendance! :) His pole is like a new friend...

So on an uncharacteristically HOTT day for March we loaded up and walked down the street to the pond! Caden was sure to hold his rod the ENTIRE way! :)

Once we got there we got to it!!

Bop got us started and then Caden took over! The rod is a BIG BOY rod... Bop didn't want Caden to have to waste his time with a silly Snoopy rod like Justin had when he was a kid... so Caden had quite a job on his hands! :)

He looks so natural in the pics... but I can assure you that in person he was a little less impressive! :) It's hard work navigating that big rod... ha!
THIS IS MY FAV PIC from the day... the three Cox men... hanging out... waiting for a bite!!

A close up...

MOSS!!! YAY!!! Caden didn't seem to like the look of the moss that he caught and high-tailed it back a few yards while Bop cleaned it off... He found a blanket in the bottom of the stroller and decided to spread it out and get some sun! :) Now that's my favorite part about fishin'! :)

And then Bop went on a real worm search... and Nana and Caden followed! And then they came back to home base...
As you can see by the rosy cheeks it was a HOT one, so it didn't take long for us all to want to pack it up and head back! And for Caden and his two second attention span, he was more than pleased with the outcome of his first fishing outing with Bop, even if they didn't make the BIG catch! :)

Caden and Bop carried the pole ALL the way home... teamwork! Bop and Caden made it back to the house several minutes after the rest of us... they had some male bonding to do on the walk home I suppose! :) Or maybe Caden's little legs were a bit tired... either way Caden had a GREAT time fishing with Nana and Bop!

Thanks Bop for thinking of our little man and buying him his VERY FIRST "fipping pole." He loves it and YOU very much! And you too Nana! Of course, I think you BOTH should know that by now... especially after the MANY "I love you, Nanas and Bops" you got yesterday! :)

Thanks for coming to spend the day in the Rock with us! We always enjoy having you here!

Next up... Kaki turns 26 weeks and I go into the double digits... 99 days to go... ! Hard to believe it!

Happy weekend y'all!!


KK said...

So so cute! He does look like a natural. And whohoo for double digits!!

Cori said...

Looks like y'all had such a fun day! Caden is getting to be such a big boy! I know he is loving being outside so much lately!