Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve

We had a GREAT time with our Life Group on New Year's Eve! It has been a long time since we've even attempted to make it until midnight on NYE and even longer since we've had a fun party to attend, so we were REALLY excited to go out and about and spend NYE with some of our newest friends! AND bonus... the party was VERY kid friendly which made it a fun family event!! :) It's hard for me to ever think of NYE without the Chade... he and NYE are forever tied together in my mind! :)

Caden had a blast with all of the kiddos and even MORE fun when we all went outside to do sparklers. Caden started off a bit timid of the whole fire thing and I couldn't have been more proud, BUT then just like his Daddy he seemed to loosen up to the whole thing and by the end of the night he was double-fisting his sparklers... OH DEAR! Boys! It kept looking like he was getting hot ash on his face and the girls I was standing with were wondering if he was okay... and when asked, Justin was the typical Dad and said, "Oh, yah... he's fine!" Nothing like a little hot ash in the face to ring in the new year... ah, well... I guess that is something that I just have to let be... dudes like fire!! :)

My friend Jaime is the official photographer of the group... here are a few of the pics that she captured that night!! Thanks for sharing Jaime!! What a fun night!! :)

Oh and just in case you were curious... we did NOT make it up until midnight, not even close... BUT I'd like to give props to Justin's Grandma who called us at 11:15 that night, nearly an hour after we'd been asleep to be the FIRST to wish Caden a happy birthday... and YES, yes she was the first!! :) We love you Grandma!! :)

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KK said...

Great pics of him doing sparklers! And the good ole Pi Phi pic. Gotta love that. So fun.

Cori said...

LOVE the Pi Phi pic! Sounds like y'all had so much fun!

Jaime said...

Glad you are my TTF sista and friend! Happy to take pics of your cutie anyday.