Sunday, January 2, 2011


My, My, My do I ever have a story for you...

I shall title this story: "Why Noah Didn't Mess Around and Went Ahead and Built An Ark!"

Okay so actually this blog post is ALL about the Baylor Bowl Game, but for those of you fine Baylor Bear fans who attended the game you absolutely know why and how the story of Noah and his beautiful ark relate with the story of the Texas Bowl.

All day leading up to the game Houston was a cold, rainy, mess, but like being a fan of Baylor Football has taught us to do so well, we HOPED that the rain would move on out of town by the time we all had to saunter our way into the stadium! We were definitely praising Jesus that we weren't going to have to WATCH the game in that weather, BUT walking in could prove to be equally as humbling as the rain continued to pour!

So when you see the LACK of pictures I took at the game, and by lack I actually mean ZERO(Cori took the ones below), you will give me grace and understand that it took me nearly the entire first quarter to convince myself that NO this was not a dream and that YES I really was sitting in a stadium, soaked to my thighs, watching my poor Bears off to a ROUGH start (that unfortunately never got much better!). We were all chanting, "I hope this is worth it!" as we were stripping off our weather-beaten ponchos... "I sure hope it is worth THIS!"

And it was... in all seriousness it was really fun! Despite the loss by the Bears, it is ALWAYS good to be surrounded by family... and in our case we were doubly lucky because we had our BLOOD family and our Baylor family, both. Caden was a bit on overdrive with both sets of grandparents, and aunts and uncles there to spread his time in between!! Sharing can be stressful on a guy! :)

YAY... an Evans fam member made the pics... I promise they all were there. Aunt Emily, KK and Albi too... sorry for the lack of pics (again!).

During half time Caden, Justin and I got to hang out with our sweet friends Meli P and Carter. And that is what made the game so fun... seeing faces that you LOVE, that you miss, that you SHARE SO many great memories with... there is nothing like a Baylor Bear... I tell you what... they're good people, those Bears! Not that I'm biased...

Caden made it most of the game before we decided to head out a few minutes early to beat the traffic. Caden was not in the car 5 seconds before he was SNORING in the back seat... poor thing was BEAT! Christmas times three and now a Baylor Bowl game... man o man! Caden and I hit the hay just as soon as we were home and got a solid night's sleep to prepare for the next day!

Before we get to the BEST part of the NEXT DAY (Caden's Birthday Celebration Part I), I thought I'd share a few fun pics of Caden and his Aunt Ree Ree at the Houston Galleria. I was in a maternity jean crisis and HAD to go to the Galleria that morning to exchange jeans and so Aunt Ree, Caden and Daddy tagged along... and Caden scored the jackpot... there was a TRAIN at the mall for him to ride... so while we shopped, Aunt Ree Ree and Caden went for a ride...

And of course Aunt Ree Ree also treated Caden to some cookies just after their trip around the Galleria! What a fun morning...

Now for the Birthday Boy's first party in H-Town with the Cox-side of the fam! See the next post for LOTS of fun pics and even a few videos!!

Thanks for our post-Christmas treat, Nana and Bop... despite needing an Ark and a Miracle for the Bears to pull off a victory we had a GREAT time!! Here's to hopin' for another year of bowlin' for our Bears!

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Cori said...

Loved riding the choo-choo with my favorite little boy! His face is priceless!