Monday, January 3, 2011

Caden, You're TWO!!!

Finally, the last of my 8 posts this week!! Phew!! BUT this is a BIGGIE because it is the official Caden turns TWO post... and there is so much I want to remember about this year and my big two year old! He has accomplished so much and changed ten-fold... I can't hardly remember what it was like to have a baby... but alas here in a few months I'll get to do it all over again... and I can't wait!! :)

My baby boy is TWO and that means SO much! One, it means we've been blessed with yet another wonderful year with this amazing life. I am so thankful for each minute that we get with Caden and cannot imagine one without him, but rather than dwell on the without I WORK REALLY HARD on staying in the with!!

This year has brought about lots of changes for the Chade. He eats with a fork now... CRAZY! He talks... he runs, he jumps, he gallops, he climbs... he laughs, he snorts, he makes toot noises...he loves, he prays, and he sings!! He is a genuinely happy kiddo with LOTS of energy. He keeps us on the go constantly and is always up for an outdoor adventure or an indoor adventure for that matter, especially now that he's gotten some new big boy toys! Thinking about having Cadenx2 running around our house this time next year makes my heart happy in ways I can't explain and makes me think that I need to be more intentional about my naps these next 6 months! :) I wouldn't trade a minute of my days at home with Caden and am so thankful to Justin who works REALLY, REALLY hard to make this a reality for our family... we appreciate you, Daddy!

In lieu of writing and writing and writing, paragraph after paragraph after paragraph, recapping our year in vibrant sentences and excessive details I thought I'd just go down the list of highlights! After all that is what our blog is all about... we capture those details throughout the year so we never forget! Thank you Mr. Blogger for helping us keep these priceless memories in a special place! I would never have this much collected if left to my own devices... and I cherish it so!Favorite Words: No, video, juice, milk "gulk", goldfish "gul-guls", family members, bummer
Favorite Phrases: No, no Albi!, Come on Mom. , Night, Night Mommy, Oh He Loves Me "O, O me"
Favorite foods: pretzel goldfish, cookies, french fries, ketchup, ham and cheese roll-ups, strawberries, bananas, cuties, spaghetti, black beans, quesadillas, (ANYTHING with ketchup on it!)
Favorite drinks: MILK!!! Recently juice (mixed with LOTS of water!), Sprite, and of course the occasional sip of coffee from KK
Favorite places to go: HEB, the park, SCHOOL!!, CHURCH!!!
Favorite toys: train table, hammer toy, kitchen, piano
Favorite TV shows: Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba and now Mickey Mouse
Favorite Movies: Polar Express (the ONLY movie he has EVER watched the entire way through... and he was in the car! )
Favorite Songs: Oh He Loves Me, Away in a Manager, Jesus Loves Me, ABCs (any song from school or church!)
Favorite Books: Thomas the Train books, LOVED his Christmas books this year, Sesame Street books
Strengths: great helper, sweet friend to his classmates, shares well with friends
Weaknesses: all goes back to obedience, I say "Listen and Obey" at least 80 times a day! The child is STUBBORN!! And have I mentioned how much I hate the word NO?!! :)

Weight: 32 pounds
Height: 34 inches
Head: HUGE!!

As his doctor said today, "He's gonna have to have a custom made Stetson, some day!!" Yes, yes he will, I said... just like his Daddy who had to have custom made baseball helmets in high school... the Ford Head he DOES have... :) He's all around a BIG boy! :) And let me just say that I'm feelin' it... it won't be long before there will be NO carrying around the Chade!! Ay, me arm!!

The next series of videos and pictures is from his actual birthday day... from when we woke him up in the morning, to his Elmo pancakes he had for breakfast and of course... we finished out with some WORM pics... my how he's grown!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweet picture of my squirmy worm!! Funny to think I used to call him that...worm just doesn't seem to do him justice... Boa constrictor, maybe!


And a little interview with my big fancy 2 year old... the first 5 seconds are the only interesting part... after that I am afraid you might be bored to tears... unless your name ends with Evans, Cox, Agnew, or Whitaker! :)


Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet, sweet little man!! You are growing smarter each day and I love sitting back and taking you ALL in! May God bless us with MANY more minutes together this year!! I love you to the moon and back and back again and again and again!
I hope you had the best birthday party a two year old could ask for!!
Happy Birthday Caden Ford!


KK said...

Love all the videos. Such precious times!

Mrs. Spaulding said...

I love your lil' man! I just watched your videos. He is just precious! Happy Birthday Caden!

Cori said...

The videos are great! I just love his little personality! I can't believe he is 2!

Steph Meyer said...

ah. i love him. when he says, "yeah", my heart melts. happy birthday sweet caden. i may have only been around you a few times and you wouldn't know who i was if you saw me, but i love you to death!

p.s. i believe you prefaced the first video with, "from when we woke him up in the morning..." can i just say i'm really, really jealous about this. dylan wakes us up in the morning. every morning. EVERY. MORNING.


Amanda said...

I love that you let Caden say "Go Tech". The sacrifies you make. JK. Hopefully, we will get to see you guys soon. Love ya.