Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Party, Party, PARRR-TAYYY

We've had TWO Christmas Parties so far this week... SO FUN! First up was our MOPS Christmas Party on Monday morning. We did our normal MOPS meeting stuff and then we picked up our kiddos early and had them come upstairs for songs, cookies and Santa! And if you've read our previous post you know that Santa wasn't really up for discussion with Caden, but I knew he would LOVE singing the songs and as I was pretty sure he'd eat the cookies... if he was forced, of course!

The greatest thing about Monday for Caden was getting to see his buddy Reece. Reece's mom is at my table and we've honestly only been around them a few times, but Caden LOVES Reece. Reece is an older, more mature toddler, BUT he doesn't seem to mind that Caden thinks he's the COOLEST! He talks about seeing Reece ALL the time. We bumped into Reece at the grocery store one day and so now every time we go to the store he thinks we'll see Reece. Just last night as we pulled in he said Reece, Reece?! So cute! There is definitely something about Reece... here is a picture of the two little buds... Reece is the ADROABLE red head! :)

Caden and his other MOPPETS buddies...
Shakin' his jingle bells like he just don't care!!! :)

And now shakin' 'em from his seat!! Pretty soon after this picture was taken Santa made his grand entrance. Caden stood up, and started backing up, then he turned and looked for me, he had a very concerned look on his face and then he came and sat in my lap. Once Santa was attacked by all of the other kids Caden seemed just fine... and continued to have fun and play... just as long as no one put him in the line to see Santa!! :)

Today was Caden's last day of school before Christmas Break... so we had a PARTY!!! It was a Happy Birthday Jesus party! And I can't HELP but laugh when I think about Happy Birthday Jesus because this was a FOREIGN concept to me until about 7 years ago. I had never HEARD of ANYONE throwing a birthday party for Jesus... never! And Yes, I did grow up in the church. But one Christmas, my first to spend with Justin's side of the family... I think we were actually engaged at the time, we went up to Sherman to visit his Grandma. Once we got there, we were unloading the car and I asked my mother-in-law, who you know as Nana, if I could carry anything in, because we had lots of food, presents, etc. And she said, sure... and asked if I could grab the birthday cake. Birthday? Oh Shoot!! Justin forgot to FILL ME IN and I didn't have a present for whoever's birthday it was... great first Christmas with the fam impression. So I pulled Justin around to the trunk of the car and whispered, "Whose birthday is it?" I was in PANIC mode!! And he said... Jesus'... OH MY GOODNESS! Of course... of course it was Jesus' birthday... but we baked him a cake?! And not only did we bake him a cake but we brought him candles and we all held hands and sung Happy Birthday to Jesus?! I felt like I was at the North Pole... I had never witnessed such a thing in all my life! But here I am... 7+ years later and I'm doing the same thing for my little guy at school! Life really DOES come full circle! Now this of course was meant in NO way to offend my family BUT I still get a HUGE laugh every time I think of that day (and Justin does too!!)... the first day I EVER sang Happy Birthday to Jesus! Too much, too much!! :) Every year since I have never been able to look at Justin while we sing... or else I'd lose it!! And now this year... now that the STORY is out, there is NO WAY I'm keepin' it in!! :) It's one of the funniest family-memories/inside-jokes Justin and I share!! Love you Cox Fam!! :)
So after we ate our yummy Chick-fil-a lunch we all sat down and read the Night Before Christmas. Miss Rissa asked if any of the parents wanted to step up and read and we all politely declined! :) Haha! She's the professional here! :)

Caden needed to get a little closer...

And Will too...

After our storytime we went back to the table and decorated cupcakes for Jesus' birthday party. Once they were all decorated we put a candle in each and sang to our Savior!

Caden's sweet Daddy even came for the PARTY!! He couldn't miss the fun!! :)

After cupcakes it was time for the GIFT EXCHANGE!! We all brought a book and put them under the tree for the kiddos... they were so excited to pick one out!!

A little Christmas-pre-game warm-up unwrapping their gifts...

YAY! Barnyard Dance!! What a great book! Caden was pumped!

Then Miss Rissa passed out a special gift to each of the kids... an Elmo Book!! She DOES know them SO well! Caden immediately sat down to read...

What a fun few days of parties, celebrating the CHRIST in Christmas! Now I still don't know if I can get fully behind singing Happy Birthday to Jesus without wanting to LAUGH HYSTERICALLY (not at the tradition itself, but at my introduction to it), BUT I DO know that I want CHRIST to be the center of our Christmas traditions each and every year. He really is the ONLY gift we need, isn't he?! And the extraordinary thing about Jesus is... he GAVE without requiring anything in return! It is our choice to receive his gift!! And to that I say YES PLEASE! Give me some Jesus for Christmas and FOR ALWAYS!! :)
Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!


KK said...

I love getting a little glimpse into his school life!

Melissa said...

such fun parties for caden! carter had the same reaction to santa...too funny!