Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas Tradish...

Since the first year Justin and I were married we have been participating in a Cox Family Christmas Tradish... It's a fun little thing that most families do around Christmastime but it happens to be one of my VERY favorite things about the holidays. My LOVE for driving around in the car, exploring the sights and sounds of the places around me comes from a childhood of doing just this. Ever since I can remember my family would load up in the car and head to TCBY, Dairy Queen, Sonic, etc. and grab a tasty cold treat and spend the next few minutes/hours driving around town. When we lived in Marfa we would go by Dairy Queen get a dipped cone and then head out to the edge of town to visit THE BULL. He was a crazy, slobbery, BIG, OLD bull that spent his days behind the fence. I am not sure how we found out about him or if it was a MAIN attraction in Marfa back in those days, but for our family a trip to visit the bull was like going to Six Flags... exhilarating!

On Sunday nights, Caden, Justin and I typically take a nice drive to the gas station to fill up our car for the week and might partake in a car wash and then we do the same ... although we aren't as fortunate to have found the TOWN BULL... someday... someday!

So all of THAT to say that taking a drive to look at Christmas Lights is the most anticipated thing we do as a family during Christmastime. Last night Justin got home a bit earlier than normal (yay!) so we had a little extra time to head out and check out a new neighborhood. We've already been a few times to look at lights in our OWN hood, BUT KK stumbled onto a blog that listed the top places to visit in our area so we picked one and went with it!!

Before we could do any looking though we need a special drink... Starbucks is usually the name of the game this time of year... Peppermint Hot Chocolate... YES and PLEASE!! And poor Caden... as you can see below gets quite testy when we pull up to Starbucks and he doesn't get to go in... who will pick out his special milk??!! Poor guy... I think we've created a monster! :) But once the milk in his hand and his cookie is close by, we're good to go. Amazing how that face switched in mere seconds... the power of Starbucks!!

And Daddy got him a little treat too!!!

And Mommy makes three!!

And now we're off! I must tell you that Justin was a little reluctant to travel ALL THE WAY to EAST EAST Round Rock to Forest Creek where this particularly spectacular house that we had heard about was, BUT after seeing the awe-inspiring light show he was like a kid in a candy store... and was CONVINCED that he needed to send out a company-wide email about it the next day so that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE would miss the opportunity to check it out!!

So to 2608 Collingswood we went and we found this...

14,000+ LED Lights! AND a sign that asked us to tune our radios to their station so we could enjoy the SHOW! Oh yes... and was it EVER a show!!!

Here's just a SMALL taste of the show that we watched last night! It was SERIOUSLY the NEATEST thing I have ever seen. I am sure we will be going back before the end of the season this year!! So if you're local... MAKE THE TRIP! You won't be disappointed!!

Merry Christmas!!


KK said...

Wow! That pic of Caden crying looks JUST like you when you were that age! Fun times looking at lights. Glad it was worth the drive.

Cori said...

The pic of Caden crying is hilarious! What a fun family night!

Melissa said...

wow power blogger today! such a fun trip to see lights...we do the same thing and i love it! there is a house not far from us that could give them some competition! great tradition for your fam!