Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Weekend Randomness

Last weekend was our FIRST and ironically, ONLY round of Christmas parties. We got to knock the two parties we have this year out in one weekend, which makes for a VERY fun few days!

First up was our Life Group Christmas Party! Since I've never gotten around to bloggin about the actual transition it seems like I might as well just go ahead and explain the short version here. Justin and I have been visiting a new church closer to home over the past few months and LOVE it. In just the few weeks we've been at this church we feel like we've made more connections and found more potential "friends-for-lifers" than we had during our entire FOUR years at our previous church. God has been working on us for almost two years now and in September we finally decided to start off the new school year with a BIG switch for our family and left our church. Luckily, for us our church search wasn't all that daunting as we feel like we have found a great place to call home for now on the first shot!! This is the church that Caden is going to school at and it is also the host church of the MOPS group I joined, so needless to say this church is quickly becoming a very large part of our lives! Of course it would have helped if the Baylor Alumni Association would have have clued us in on the HUGE number of Baylor grads at this church when we moved to Austin over 5 years ago, but alas... God got us back to our people one way or another! :) And we are thankful!! (for our Aggie, Longhorn, Tech, etc. friends too!)

Here are a few pics from our party that I stole from our leaders! Thanks guys! :)

Our dinner friends for the evening...
Next up, wrapping gifts for a family in need...
And what's a good 'ol FBC Christmas Party without a little gamin'... Catch Phrase was the game of choice for the evening! It was exciting!! Can you see Justin's intensity?! The guys killed the girls but we'll get 'em next time! :)

Saturday morning, our little Cox family of three headed out to the Christmas Stroll in Georgetown. Georgetown has one of the MOST active Chamber of Commerce's EVER. They seriously have some sort of event on the square every weekend. I am not sure how we've missed the Christmas Stroll in years past because it was a HUGE deal. We had a great time walking through Bethlehem Village and took the opportunity to catch a few photo-ops as well. Poor Caden had had a late night on Friday at the church who offered free childcare for parents. He was up until 10 that night and was in serious need of a nap the next day... and it was too bad because the best part of the day started at noon... the PARADE... and we had to miss it. Maybe next year...
A few pics of our little Santa Frog... :)

Saturday night Caden got to stay with his new favorite babysitter Miss Abby (her mom works with Justin) and we went out for Justin's work Christmas party. Of course I have NO pictures to show for it, but it was a nice night out and fun to get dressed up for a change! :)
Sunday morning before church I FORCED Caden and Justin to take a few pics because they looked TOO cute in their pullovers! My boys are SO handsome aren't they?! Love them!

And there you have it... a little last weekend randomness!!


KK said...

Great pic of your boys!

Cori said...

Your boys are precious! What a fun weekend! I wish I could see a pic of how your dress turned out for the party! Glad y'all enjoyed a nice night out!

Melissa said...

I am a bit jealous about you being done with the parties for this season...Ours is none stop until Christmas! So glad you are loving your new church fam! And yes, what a cute pic of your boys.