Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at Sea World!

Saturday, we drove down to San Antonio for the day to go to Sea World with Kk and Albi. Kk and Albi have been planning this for quite some time... ever since they saw that Elmo and his Sesame Street friends would be hanging out at Sea World over Christmas! They knew Caden would LOVE it and so they decided to treat the THREE of us (thanks Caden!!) to a little Sea World fun as part of Caden's birthday present this year!! LOVE that Justin and I benefit from this too!! I must say that Justin and I were DEFINITELY WAY MORE excited than Caden, but only because we knew how fun it was going to be, but by the end of the day, the only thing Caden could say was MORE, MORE, MORE!! And we're hoping that there is more of Sea World where that came from! :)

Ready to go. The weather was gorgeous... a bit chilly, but nothing a jacket couldn't handle... and off we went! Nerdy entrance pic... :) I think it's cute but KK thinks this pic is nerdy... I'll let y'all be the judge! :)
We were so fortunate to work out our timing just perfectly on Saturday... we ended up seeing EVERY show we wanted to plus some... it was GREAT! The first show we saw was called Azul and it was FULL of exciting divers, birds, Beluga Whales and dolphins. This was Justin's FAVORITE show... but the rest of us are still thinking that Shamu was our favorite... Here are Caden and Albi watching Azul!

The funniest thing about Caden all day was how MUCH he LOVED clapping to the music... and as KK would say, "At least we know that one Cox has some rhythm!" And he seriously does... I was impressed with his beat! :)

Next up we headed to Shamu... a show all about miracles... and let me just say that I basically cried the ENTIRE show. It was so neat! AND they did CHRISTmas real justice... and didn't shy away from the birth of our Savior and for that they deserve some major props! Go Sea World!

Caden clapping to the music. He kept looking back at us to make sure we were watching the show and clapping along!

I'm sorry but I just don't know how you can see a Killer Whale up close and personal and not tear up... God is an AWESOME and CREATIVE God who blows my mind with some of his creations... blows my mind!!

Next up we had to race over to Sesame Street. Daddy hopped the guardrail at the end of Shamu to get us FRONT ROW seats! We were super excited to have such sweet seats! :)

Caden did get a bit freaked out if one of the characters looked at him or in his direction but all in all he REALLY enjoyed the show. He was asking for ELMO all day but I STILL think that he really did enjoy the Shamu show the best... funny isn't it?! Caden decided he needed his OWN seat!

After Sesame Street we grabbed some hot chocolate in our fancy schmancy souvenir mugs and headed over to a 4D showing of the Polar Express. It was a 25 minute clip of the movie with some of the best scenes taken out and thrown together to make quite a 4D show! Caden refused to wear his glasses but he STILL enjoyed the show. In fact, we let Caden watch Polar Express one our way to San Antonio that morning and he made it ALL the way through... a FIRST! So Polar Express is officially Caden's first movie... :) YAY!!
After Polar Express we took a pit stop at the park to let Caden play and then we went and saw the penguins...

After the penguins... or maybe it was before the penguins I'm not sure, Justin saw the super short line to the Great White roller coaster and decided that he wanted to ride... and so he did! The rest of us sat and watched as he flew through the air!! It was pretty funny talking to Justin about it on the way home that night because he said how long it had been since he'd ridden a roller coaster (pre-Caden and maybe not since college) and how differently his mind worked. He said that now that he had so much to lose he was SUPER paranoid before the coaster took off and was thinking in his head about what he'd do if for some reason the over-the-shoulder belts came loose... he had a plan figured out in no time, but too funny how our brains change as we get older! We would have NEVER in a million years thought about anything like that, but now... it's a totally different story... like my sudden fear of flying... CRAZY!
The moral of this story is the same as the Christmas story... a child changes everything!!
Thanks for a SUPER fun trip to Sea World KK and Albi! WE had the BEST time... and Caden had fun too! :) Love y'all!!

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