Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip to SAY-YOooo!! (and other news...)

On Friday, Caden, Justin and I headed down to "SAY-YOooo" (that's how Caden says San Antonio) to start a weekend-long celebration of this guy...
Yep, that's Albi! (Or Al-di as Caden calls him... Aldi and KiKi...pretty hilarious hearing him run around the house yelling "Al-di, KiKi..." he'll get Albi and KK eventually... I don't think either one care for now!! :) )Now I know it doesn't look like this guy is the robust age of Double Cinco, but he is! And I bet it is even harder to imagine that at such a young, tender age that Albi could have ANY type of body ailment. Especially not one that involved a back injury after moving furniture a few weekends ago... NOPE... not at Double Cinco... that doesn't happen to people at that age! BUT alas, it DID happen to Albi and he has been quite literally "laid-up" for the past few weeks. Oh and if you didn't know Albi moonlights as a Doctor so he has been self-medicating/treating himself for his back injury, which might explain why we still found him in this position two weeks later. But I guess if nothing else seems to be showing his age then his knack for being stubborn sure does!

Despite the back pain Albi was in throughout much of our weekend, we still managed to have a fun time celebrating the big guy! Justin had to be in the area on Friday for work so it worked out perfectly for Caden and I to hitch a ride and spend our afternoon with KK and Albi on the Riverwalk... Our first stop was to get some traditional mexican grub at La Margarita. Since the party NEVER sleeps in SAY-YOooo, we were the lucky recipients of a little mariachi love... they sang the Chicken Dance en espanol, of course to Caden, who started out a little shakey but ended up LOVIN' the "ga-gars" or guitars for you non-Caden speaking people out there!

After a YUMMY lunch we headed through the market to check out the loot. KK and Albi treated Mommy to a shirt and Caden to his very own set of maracas!! Arriba!! After we walked off our lunch, our tummies told us to head to the bakery inside of Mi Tierra, stat! And so we didn't want to tick them off and we did... we RAN like the wind... grabbed our number and waited patiently for our turn to make our selections! Caden picked a cookie with sprinkles (duh!) and I picked one with coconut (double duh!) and KK picked out one with butterscotch (DOUBLE ICK, but TRIPLE DUH for KK!) and Albi just selected a plethora of others for us to munch on throughout the weekend (QUADRUPLE DUH!). Once our tummies were back to acting like themselves we popped across the street to the Children's Museum. If I was telling the truth I would actually have to tell you that I led us astray and into the GHETTO in hopes of finding the Children's Museum that in actuality was just a few blocks away from where we were... but that's not really that important is it? :) My iPhone told me how to get there... WHO AM I to argue with the perfection that is technology?! Hmph!

BUT regardless of HOW we got there the real point of the story is that we MADE it! YAY! And the even better part of the museum story is that before we left the car I gave Caden a fresh diaper only to have him walk immediately onto the Molly Trolly in the lobby and take a nice, fresh poop... which sent poor crippled Albi, hobbling back to the car for a diaper and some wipes! oops!

After we were all so fresh, and SO clean the fun was ready to begin!! First up the BALL room! Of course this was a highlight of the tour de museum for Caden... balls! Lots of balls!

KK and Caden trying to figure out what to do to make the balls go through the obstacles... "Just a second KK, I think I've got it!!"

"My work here is done... onward and upward g-rents!!!"

And so onward and downward (actually) we went. And guess what we found??? Caden's FAVORITE place in the world... HEB!! Oh joy! So he picked himself out a cart and started crossing off his list!!

He loves the produce section at the store because he gets to bag all of my produce for me! He is QUITE the helper! But this time he was a helper all his own! And there were no pesky plastic bags to mess with! :) "Gotta get a loaf of this fresh-baked french bread, KK... it's GOOOO-oood!"
Next up we headed to the area right next to the HEB that showed us where everything that we buy at the grocery store comes from... like for instance... milk... where does milk come from...??

Yep... that's right... cows... and their utters! Don't worry this was a plastic cow with plastic utters that sprayed water... PHEW!! :) Next up was the Virtual Adventure machine which Caden wanted nothing to do with but I was fascinated by! SO I took a picture of my virtual self... Ha!

Then we climbed in the boat... this was taken JUST before Caden slipped and hit his lip on the edge of the boat... we had a bleeder and everything! BUT it stopped soon enough and we were on our way...

Caden decided that it was the least he could do to whip up something for afternoon tea for all of us... the least he could do...

Once the kitchen was cleaned up and ready for its next chef-in-training we headed back upstairs to see the rest of the exhibits. Here are Caden and Albi coming to you direct from SAY-YOooo Air Traffic Control... man I'm glad we've got such qualified people directing our airways! Thanks Caden, thanks Albi! The skies are grateful!

Caden, having never been a passenger on a plane before didn't understand that you didn't have to ride in the cargo bin... silly boy!

Once I showed him that planes had seats not unlike those in our car he seemed to REALLY take a liking to this whole air travel thing. I guess someone needs to explain to him the physics of why flying is ABSOLUTELY the most terrifying thing ever conceived! But that's another story for another time for Mr. Caden! Who knew KK could fly???!!!

Caden prefers a little bit more control of things... and I get that! So he moved up to co-pilot. His pilot had obviously been flying the friendly skies for several years because he had all of the lingo down pat! Well done!
After traversing through the sparkling skies above SAY-YOooo, we decided to move on to the musical pipes! KK, Albi and Caden were like a three-man band... toot, tooooot, toot-toot!
Just before we left the museum we were curious as to how a Double Cinco-aged man would stack up to THE David Robinson... and well, I think Albi did pretty well!!

What a FUN day we had in downtown SAY-YOooo... we were all TIRED and ready to head home for a bit of R&R... and of course some dinner!! Not long after we got home we headed back out to one of Albi's favorite places for a little Friday night dinner. Daddy met us at home just in time to head to dinner! By 7pm Caden was OVER it and on his way to bed... ready for another exciting day in SAY-YOooo!
Saturday started off with a BANG, which unfortunately I do not have any pictures of, but you can BET that there will be future pictures popping up to document this particular trip very soon! Albi took Caden to buy a new pair of boots... dude boots! And some dude jeans. So to Cavenders Boot City we went... and Caden got the CUTEST cowboy boots and jeans ever! I can't wait to show y'all pictures! The boots have yellow tops!! :) Just like Daddy's that have red tops! :) After boots it was time for toys...which meant we made our traditional trip to Toy Zone to pick out a new toy for KK and Albi's house! AND he pretty much played with it for the rest of the afternoon... or until it was naptime! :) He ate lunch in front of the TV and watched the Bears play and ironically made it back up to watch them lose at the very end... poor Bears!!

Just before we headed out of town on Saturday night we had to hit up our favorite mexican food joint and filled up our tanks! It was good, AS ALWAYS! Once we arrived back in the Rock, I took Caden out of his car seat and knew immediately that I needed to get out the thermometer and take his temperature... he was BURNING up! And SHO-NUFF... he had a 102+ fever... yikers, Cade-man! It was too late at that point to make it to Urgent Care and we didn't feel it was a literal emergency, so we gave him some tylenol and put him to bed knowing that the next morning we'd be beating the doors down at 9am once Urgent Care opened...

Look at that poor sweet face! Turns out Caden has a NASTY sinus infection thanks to his LOVELY allergies that he has to battle like his Mommy and Daddy. They gave him the yummy pink stuff and sent us home with a sick boy! :( So yesterday we were pretty low key... lots of lounging on the couch and reminding Caden to drink his water/sprite/whatever we could get him to drink!
AND today... pretty much the same song, different verse. He is better, but still not 100%. His fever has come down dramatically, thank goodness... high fevers make me a bit nervous! So for the rest of today and most likely tomorrow we'll be pretty lazy around our house, which honestly is quite fine by me! :)
So there you have it... our weekend... on the whole it was GREAT, FANTASTIC, SUPER FUN with just a dash of ick towards the end! Albi- we hope you have a GREAT, FANTASTIC, SUPER FUN DOUBLE CINCO Birthday! We sure did enjoy celebrating with you! We love you!


KK said...

Love that you got Albi in the chair. He so deserves it! Thanks for coming to town. We loved every minute of it!

Steph Meyer said...

You do such fun things with Cade-man! What a lucky little man. He looks so pitiful with his binkie at the Urgent Care. Isn't it nice that they cuddle when they don't feel good though? I hope you and Caden got lots of cuddling in today.

emilysandvall said...

Hope your little man is feeling better and better as each day passes! We HATE that pink stuff...Fallin has had that more times than I would like!! Miss y'all! :)