Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Mommy and Me Park Date

Today Caden and I checked out a new park up in Georgetown... it was a GORGEOUS day and we had nothing but time to spend out enjoyin' it! We had the best time exploring the sites and sounds of the park... here are a few pics (courtesy of my phone) from our morning at the park...

Top of the slide is not near as much fun as the bottom!!
Ride 'em cowboy!!
Sup, Mommy?!

What goes up must come down... see I told y'all the bottom of the slide is more fun! (His next trip down this slide he somehow ended up head down and backwards which equaled a fat, bloody lip at the bottom. But not to worry... we'd never let a little blood spoil our fun at the park. After a quick trip to the car for a kleenex and some water we were back at it! :)

The tire swing... GOT.TO.LOVE.IT.

What a special trip to the park it was! I cherish moments like these with my lil 'man! He's the MOST fun!
Happy Hump Day!!

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