Monday, November 1, 2010

22 Months! Today!!

REDUNDANT... REALLY REDUNDANT... BUT I don't care because REALLY... 22 MONTHS?!! No way, it just really isn't possible! Two away from TWO... oh mylanta!

Caden and I have CELEBRATED BIG today... with LOTS of fun things for his 22 Month Birthday! We went to the grocery store... AWESOME! And on a walk and to the park!! YAY!! Ha... okay so I know that might not sound like much fun to y'all, but going to HEB is one of Caden's VERY favorite things to do. He nearly explodes out of his car seat when we pull into the parking lot... "ba-boon!! cookie!! ba-boon cookie!!" Yes, yes we'll get a cookie and a ba-boon... BEEP, BEEP! AND yes you'll get to ride in one of the special carts... the spaceship preferably so Mommy doesn't knock over the SUNCREEN display... AGAIN! :) Those big race cars are way too hard to handle!

And the park... well the park doesn't need much explanation! Caden loves parks of all shapes and sizes but most recently he has been attached to a park that is about a mile from our house, which makes for a perfect half way point on Mommy's little walks! AND he likes this particular park because of the DUCK! And he says... "duck, duck, duck..." the whole way there. Emphasis on the "K" in duck... he is very into the "K" but oddly enough he will not say CADEN or KK... we're working on it! :)

Last week Caden had a big week at school. It was his first parent-participatory event! Fall Festival was his first opportunity to dress up like a Texas Ranger! It was SO fun to pull up to school that morning and see everyone dressed up in their various costumes! There are some REALLY cute kiddos out there! The actual festival part was a bit overwhelming for Caden and most of the other kids in his class but they tried hard to participate the best they could! At this age they are TOO aware of what is going on but not FULLY aware of the actual "holiday" of it all. It's hard to explain that his friend did not really turn into a puffy, puppy dog overnight... it is just make believe! :)

After Fall Festival that day Caden and I sat on the floor and went through his goodie bag and found a few things he thought he'd like to try... double fistin'...
He was still sportin' his long socks with his diaper... look at those legs... gosh I love 'em!

Later on we decided that the pumpkins in our yard needed a bit of a spruce-up, so we pulled out the finger paint and our paintbrushes and headed outside to bedazzle our orange friends!

Surprisingly the painting lasted long enough to paint two pumpkins and even a few rocks... I was shocked... but it was WAY too pretty outside to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors so we headed to the park. We go to the park nearly every day... sometimes twice! It is our favorite place to be... :)

Especially when we go to the parks with the double slides... SLIDE RACE!!! :)

So you see Caden has stayed pretty true to form over the last few months... still loving the outdoors, food of all kinds and is DEFINITELY still a bit scared of make-believe... one thing I can say has COMPLETELY changed this month is his vocabulary... he is REALLy starting to pick up some new words and he "talks" ALL THE TIME! It's like you flip a switch and there he goes... and most of the time he is a broken record of all of the words he knows... "Mama, Dada, Nana, Doggies, Ba-Ball, Ernie, Oscar, Elmo, DuCK, Moo, bi-deo, Shoe, Ball, Cookies, BEEP-BEEP, Bowl, ICE, Mama, Dada, Nana, Doggies... "you get the picture... OVER AND OVER AGAIN... and again! :)

We are STILL totally digging his new found fascination of giving kisses... MMMMMWAH!! LOVE it! He is so sweet to pass them out so freely! And he is working on becoming the politest 22 month old I know. He says "tank you" very well and mostly when he is supposed to. Sometimes I still have to prompt him, but most of the time he says it when it is due! Now to work on You're Welcome... "pease" and "tank you" we've got down pat! :)

99.9% of the time Caden truly is a very sweet, happy-go-lucky kid, BUT there are other times when he does get a bit of an attitude and we have enforce some heavy-handed (but not too heavy-handed, don't worry) discipline! In fact, just this morning as I was loading him in his car seat in the grocery store parking lot he slapped me across the face (this is usually what he gets in trouble for... that or messing with the DVD player!)... NO SIR!! What a little turkey! Hitting is not funny! (Although I must admit there have been a few times when my first reaction is laughter... more because I am in shock than anything!) Everyone keeps saying the terrible twos are coming, but I would like to employ "ignorance is bliss" and "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" when it comes to this. Just try me Caden... try me! :) Haha... but go easy... please?!

OH... how could I forget to mention one of my favorite new things he is doing this month... singing his ABCs... it sounds like this... "A A E E E E I A A E E..." SO stinkin' cute! He loves to sing them and asks me to sing them a lot... so maybe someday soon we'll get to A B C... :) He is working on counting and has 2 down pat... but as for the rest... nah! And colors... we've got nothin'. Animal sounds duck, cow, pig and doggie... the pig is the CUTEST... it's a literal snort not an oink! Ha! Shapes... circle... What else, what else?? He really blows me away most days with what he picks up or knows or remembers! They are amazing little creatures aren't they?! Those brains always turnin', turnin'!

Cade-man... your Daddy and I love you to the moon and back and back again and again. You are loved by all who know you and you have one of the most faithful fan clubs I've ever seen. We are so thankful there are so many people to love on you because we think you are one very special kid! As I type this you are standing in your crib saying Mama?! You are ready for the rest of your day... and I can't wait to see what fun we have in store! You are the best job a girl could ask for and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything and I will cherish those seconds as best as I can! Happy 22 Months sweet boy! I love you!!

(Duck pics are form this morning's trip to the park!! What fun!)


KK said...

I was thinking REAL ducks!! Hahaha....silly KK. Happy 22 months my sweet little boy!

Cori said...

I can't believe it! He is getting to be such a big boy and more and more fun all the time! His Aunt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag love him VERY much!!

CaseyWiegand said...

ahhhh they are getting too old!!!! hes precious!!! what a beautiful family!!

Melissa said...

oh my 22 months! they are getting so big so fast! caden is precious as ever...glad you had lots of fun enjoying his day!