Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So this morning I was on my way to the Post Office to mail a few packages. I had thrown on some Nike sweats and a t-shirt and had Caden in a drool-soaked onesie that he slept in with a pair of almost matching pants... we were doing good! I pulled into the Post Office and noticed that the parking lot was surprisingly empty... hmmm, I guess most people don't mail packages at 8:00 in the AM. I got the stroller out of the trunk and unloaded the Cade-man. Grabbed my purse, the packages, locked the car... and we were off. Through the first set of double-doors and PHEW...someone is going to open the second set for us. Thank you! I round the corner and nearly crash into the metal gates...POST OFFICE CLOSED!

CLOSED? WHAT in the world? The sign on the door says you open at 8:00AM and it is nearly 8:15... come on people! Are you running late today? So I look around to the other PO customers who were getting various mail items out of their boxes, pealing stamps and sending letters through slots... no one else seemed to be bothered by the metal gates? DO Y'ALL SEE THESE GATES? The Post Office is closed...anyone? Anyone?

So after getting a blank stare from almost every one in attendance this morning I popped a wheelie with the stroller and headed back out the two sets of double doors. Back to the car, got Caden in the car seat... click, click! Stroller back in the trunk, keys in the ignition, phone dialing mom...speakerphone on... pulled out of the parking lot!

The Post Office is closed today... what in the world?

Duh, Katie... it is Veteran's Day!

Oh right, mom... I forgot.

So did I or I would have told you that when you called me on the way to the PO this morning! :)

No worries...I'll just come back tomorrow!

I am convinced that this whole scenario needed to play out this morning... I needed some perspective. I wasn't overly frustrated that the PO was closed, a little annoyed but nothing worthy of an Oscar. Then when I realized why it was closed I was REALLY UN-ANNOYED! I was completely humbled...

In light of the recent shooting at Ft. Hood, Veteran's Day rings a little louder in our ears, doesn't it? It seems awkwardly timely that this should fall so close to a day commemorating those who have fought to defend what we each hold dear. My heart has been so heavy lately for the people at Ft. Hood, for the families of those who lost, for the soliders and civilians in the room, for the shooter, for his family, for our country... it seems so much is uncertain. It is hard to know who to trust, who to depend on. It is hard to remain unbiased and clear-goggled... it is even harder to keep your heart soft and compassionate.

I have so loved what the Post Commander at Ft. Hood continues to remind America... that we should grieve with them, not for them. They are grieving their losses, just as they always do! And unfortunately, their losses aren't random events as last week's tragedy seemingly was. LOSS happens every day as we are continually reminded by the news out of Iraq and Afghanistan. This morning the body of a 21 year old solider was found... he drowned in search of supplies. He left behind his wife... 5 months pregnant. Ug...

I HATE war... I HATE fighting, I HATE that anyone is ever put in these positions. I don't know the alternative, I don't know how to make sense of any of it and I am not going to try. What I do know is that I am always going to remember...

I will remember my friend Zak who was killed over 5 years ago in Iraq by a road side bomb. I will remember what it felt like to talk to my friend Fino who was also currently enlisted in the Marines when he called to tell me the news. I remember writing a letter about Zak to be read at his memorial service. I remember thinking about his wife. They were newly married like I was at the time. I had been married 4 or 5 months, just as they had. She was left without a husband. His mother without a son. His friends without their comedic relief. Our nation without a hero. Sad... so very, very sad.

And now, I have a sorority sister and friend who is fighting her own daily battle as her husband fights in the war in Afghanistan. I am amazed at her courage and blessed by her honesty. Each day as I sign onto my blog to read-up on my Blogger Buddies, I see her blog (Texas Ex-Pats) and I remember... I remember what battle she fights every day. I remember and I pray. Would you pray for her to?

Ug... these blogs... these heavy-hearted blogs. I feel as though I am constantly dodging them. I don't want to write them... and I don't want you to have to read them, because they hurt and I don't want anyone to hurt. But I think this one is especially important. We need to remember... say thank you! pray! hope!

We need to remember...

...that God has won the greatest battle to ever be waged!

And we HAVE to remember that we have victory through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

We need to remember and HOPE in that!! If we don't our hearts will surely sink!

Thank you Zak! Thank you Nick! Thank you Lindsay! Thank you Veterans!


Melissa said...

Well said! What's funny is that I did the exact same thing with the post office this morning as well...

Nick and Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, Katie! When you said you linked the blog today I had no idea what you meant! I am in tears and so humbled. Thank you so much for your sweet words - it really does mean SO MUCH.