Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gettin' Ready for Tryouts...

A weekend at home... sometimes that is just what you need, especially before the whirlwind that we also like to call the holidays! We were excited to hang out at home this weekend, get some things done around the house and prepare for the fun-filled festivities that lie ahead...

Caden's modus operandi is never stop, NEVER stop... keep going, KEEP going! He's a determined little booger who is ALWAYS on the move. We joke that he's on speed... and unless YoBaby=speed we figure we're safe and not raising a junkie!

Today was no exception... 

Justin brings out the tough, crazy guy in Caden. He gets the most fired-up in a physical sense when his Daddy is close by. He's nothing if he isn't a showoff! My, my... he's always making sure Justin is watching when he is working his hardest. A child who wants his parents approval and praise more than anything else in the world?! Hmmm... strange! I don't know anyone else like that... UM ALL OF US! It's fun to see that those things materialize in Caden... to see him seeking praise and being proud of his accomplishments, especially after all that hard work!

Of course Caden was sportin' his Cowboy gear in honor of today's game... the outcome wasn't so lovely, but it is always fun wearing your team colors!

Caden is quite the animated child... his faces are priceless. (and also becoming a great way for us NOT to make friends...he frowns at every stranger we come across and even some that aren't strangers, like me and his Daddy... I try to tell people not to take it personally, but some people are just sensitive! Oh, if I had a penny for every person I've had to apologize too...)

While Daddy was watching the Steelers, Caden decided to get in a sled workout before the big game. He LOVES pushing things across the floor. He'll use anything he can. He's GREAT at rearranging the furniture... so call us if you need a home makeover!

Once he gets to one side of the room, he walks around and goes the other way... back and forth, back and forth... and I am not fibbing to say that he does this at least 20 times by the time it is all said and done. 

Hmmmm... Mommy and Daddy were cleaning out the closet... what's this?! I bet it will push!

Now as much as he wishes he could push the door open it won't budge for him! But it certainly doesn't mean he won't try... he'll HUFF, and PUFF, and BANG that door down!

This also something HILARIOUS that he has started doing... popping a squat just like his Daddy the catcher... gotta use those great thighs for something right?! (and no he's not pooping)

Sometimes he goes up and down like he is literally doing squats and other times he just sits there... in a squat, waiting for the pitch!

Now the ottoman's turn to take a spin around the living room!

Are you watchin' me, Daddy???

Uh-oh, I ran into the dog pillows... PUSH... he really gets into it!! 

Back the other way...

Enough of that... how about some chin-ups on the window sill...(the pillows are freshly washed!)

A trail of pillows...

While pictures are priceless, there is nothing like a video to say a million more words!


As you can see Caden was a hard worker today so he's in bed a little bit early tonight! He's working on breaking another tooth through some seriously puffy gums. He has one top tooth that came through earlier this week and the other one is SO close... come on tooth!!

I hope you have all had a great weekend!

Much love blog world!!


KK said...

Oh my goodness!! That is hilarious. I love the squat. Very impressive! Can't wait to see that busy boy.

ginarowe said...

Ha! I'll look for him on World's Strongest Man Competetion pulling a car with his teeth in 20 years... he's off to a good start ! :-)

Ashley said...

What a busy busy little man!!! So cute!!! Thanks for letting me join your blog! Love it!

Melissa said...

Caden is hilarious with all his pushing around! Hope that tooth comes in soon!!