Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Haircut and a Lil Mischief

Well my mullet man got a haircut today... his very first! With the holidays coming up and a very special birthday, I figured it would be bad form not to get Caden trimmed up a titch! He had some growth over the ears and down the neck...taking him dangerously close to the subject of a "you might be a redneck if..." statement. And, well we just can't have that, now can we?!

We did a little web research and found a sweet little place that had GREAT reviews from other mommies! I don't know how they do it, but to be a toddler stylist you must have some super special gifting... 

Linda was our stylist and she was fan-tabulous!! Caden got to sit in a SUPER fast race car and watch Toy Story on the TV. He also had a super fun car toy to play with. There were a few other mommies and their kiddos waiting while Caden was getting all fixed up and they thought Caden was doing a SUPER job... I really didn't know what was good or what was bad, but I was just thankful no tears were shed! A success for sure! And he ONLY frowned when I pulled out my camera... and I can understand that... seriously mom? Pictures? Ug!

When we were all finished we got a fantastically fancy certificate that reads...

You'll also notice the little baggie of hair that we collected for posterity's sake. I wasn't really worried about collecting any hair, but they were prepared and made it super easy to do so, so we did it!

Here are a few pics of Caden in the race car... this was post-haircut. I apologized to the mommies waiting and explained that Caden is the ONLY grandchild on either side and that we would have some super angry grandparents if we didn't get a few pics...not to mention an upset Daddy. I was hanging with Caden during the actual cutting trying to keep him as still as possible so the after shot was all we could manage!

Sassy with his passy!

He's about to climb out of the car... I can't trust my little adventurer for long!!

An adventurer, you ask? Oh yes... an adventurer, a climber, a brave little turkey...

Yesterday, I put Caden in his play room and closed the gate to run upstairs to get a load of laundry. I was bounding down the stairs saying, Caden!! Caden?? and when I round the corner to the landing I see this little squirt standing up on his cubbies waving at me... Hi Mom!! Look at me!!

I about had a heart attack... I'm pretty sure I jumped down the rest of the stairs, threw down my load of laundry in the floor, jumped the gate and went and got him. Of course my phone happened to be right there and I did decide to snap a pic to send to his Daddy... I needed proof... I figured this might be the only time he would attempt this!

HA! I got him down and then guess what?? Back up he went... so I snapped a few more pics! I have since scooted his cubbies as far up against the wall as possible but thanks to the baseboards he still has room to get his fingers in there and pull himself up!

Maybe if I wouldn't give Caden coffee he wouldn't be so enthusiastic about his opportunities for adventure!!

Surely not! Surely she doesn't give him coffee... surely she is just being funny! Right... ha, ha!

Well I guess that is for me and Caden to know and you to find out!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!


KK said...

oh THAT boy! Gotta have a little attitude doesnt he?
Can't wait to see the haircut in person.

Cori said...

Lots of attitude and sass!! Love it!! Such a cute little boy!!

ginarowe said...

HA! All those furniture workouts are coming in handy, now he can climb :-). Love his big boy hair cut!!

Melissa said...

Yay for the first haircut! Can't believe it was time for that! Love that he is keeping you on your toes. Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!!