Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Breakin' It With the G-Rents

Hello blog world, Caden here... long time no blog!

Many of you have been on Spring Break and others of you are just starting, either way Happy Spring Break to you! I'm not sure I really get this Spring Break thing quite yet... as far as I can tell it's Spring Break in the Cox Household EVERY week! We're always havin' fun, BUT the sun... where has it been?! In the words of my Paps, "It's killin' me Sharla!" 

I digress... so this week, my Albi had Spring Break... he's a student you know... workin' on his MBA. He decided since he didn't have any homework that he'd ditch the day job and head to Austin with his main squeeze (my KK) to visit lil 'ol me! I was so anxious for them to get here... I wanted to tell them all about my doctor's visit.

 "That's right KK, THREE, yes THREE shots in the leg... never an easy gig!"

KK and Albi arrived late Thursday afternoon with presents in tow! I am excited about all of my new things, but my favorite is a three-disc music collection... it has all of the classic kid songs for my mommy and me to sing-along to. Mommy and I tried it out on Friday morning... it was awesome! The CD's come with lyrics too (much to Dad's chagrin)... Thanks for the tunes KK!

After a morning of singing, it was time to prepare for the big game... We couldn't believe that Baylor was making such a great run in the Big XII tournie... Texas would be tough, no doubt, so it was crucial that I wore my best Baylor outfit!

What do you think of my selection?

Sic 'em Bears! 

KK and Albi's favorite place to eat in Round Rock is Pacific Star (a local beer and seafood dive)... so we bundled up and headed out Friday night, just in time to catch the first half of the game while we ate! Mommy said it was too cold for me to go without a jacket... so I opted to wear my "bear suit" in honor of the big game! The last time I wore this I was coming home from the hospital... check out how much I've grown!!

Leaving the hospital...

Heading to Pacific Star...

Mommy can't believe how fast I'm growing up... she showed me pictures just the other day of where it all started!

Mommy and I at 20 weeks!

Mommy and I at 39 weeks... WOAH BABY!

My growth spurt has never really stopped... and luckily mommy's growth spurt eventually came to an end... now she's workin' her way back to week 1... go mommy go! You can do it! My mommy has been workin' so hard lately at getting back in shape, that I decided to pitch in and become sensitive to dairy products... so that means no milk, cheese and yogurt for mommy... that should help shed those pounds! I thought about becoming sensitive to chocolate chip cookies... BUT come on... I can only do so much!

Ah, I digress yet again... back to my visit with the G-Rents... Friday, Albi and I hung out for a few hours during the day while mommy and KK went to get pedis... Albi and I had the best time without the girls and mommy's toes look FANTASTIC... or at least they are a pretty coral color that is pleasing to my developing eyes!

After an exciting Baylor victory on Friday night we all turned in early to ensure that we would have plenty of energy for an exciting weekend of basketball... 

BUT before any basketball...Saturday morning Albi brought me the BEST present a boy could ask for... a pair of GEN-U-INE leather cowboy boots... YEE-HAW! They're a bit big just yet, but I can't wait to cut up a rug with these guys someday soon! Boot-scootin boogie! Mommy and daddy are going to teach me to two-step... it was on the dance floor that mommy and daddy fell in love, after all! :) 

And if you don't think cowboys can dance...well, you're right... they can't! Hello Ty Murray... BUT they sure are NICE guys and mommy says that is worth more than any dance move! (And this is why you all should vote for Ty on Monday night on Dancing With the Stars!)

I'm one serious cowboy!

To top off a great trip for KK and Albi, we had to be sure to hit one of our favorite Austin spots... Matt's El Rancho! I've been here several times before... but on the inside of mommy... she and daddy always made the trip to Matt's after buying stuff for my room at USA Baby. I must say it was good to be on the outside today!

Oh, Oh, Oh... AND... today we got to PROUDLY sport our Baylor gear around town! It is not often that Baylor fans get to show-off our green and gold around Austin... and well since we did have such a decisive victory over the Horns on Friday night, we felt it only appropriate to rub it in just a little bit more! Boy did it feel good to pull off our jackets and show our Baylor spirit!

KK and Albi forgot their Baylor clothes, but we still let them sit at our table... we know it was a simple oversight, not a change in heart! 

And that tops off the fun we had with KK and Albi on their Spring Break. This week mommy says that she and I are going to be on Spring Break and hang out in the SUNSHINE all week! Mommy talked to Dr. R about sunscreen... so it is on! Bring on the long walks on the beach (or neighborhood).

KK... Albi... I had a blast with y'all this week. Thanks for coming to see me on your days "off." I love you both so much! 

And to my Bears... you gave it your all and you made us proud! Now, it's time to show the NIT what you're made of... bring home a Championship boys! Sic 'em!

And to my Lady Bears... the door is open... let's close it on another National Championship!

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KK said...

We had a great time with you Caden!! You were the best baby and we love you sooooooo much!