Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Fart, Lil Guy, Punkin, Precious, and Pretty Boy

Hello blog world! Guess who? 

Ha! You guys are good... you know how we start these posts... ready... 1...2...3...


My weekend started on Wednesday when my Great-Grandparents Poppa and Gran came to visit from Belton. They usually stop by once a month to check my progress and this month I think they were pleasantly surprised with my new noises, smiles and giggles. We had the best time.

"Baby Fart..." that's what my Great-Poppa calls me. He calls my daddy "Young Fart" and my daddy calls him "Old Fart..." so we're all some type of fart... although I think I got the best end of the deal with Baby Fart... but I'll let you be the judge!

You don't say? I couldn't believe all of the stories my Great-Poppa was telling me about my Aunt Cori and Daddy... man... that Aunt Cori was a real brat... just like my daddy said! If I was a bettin' man I would have totally put my money on my daddy being the pest... who knew?!

Rockin' and rollin' with Gran... she was practicing her ballroom dance steps she learns on DWTS with me. She likes Ty Murray too...just like Mommy and me!

Next up is my Aunt Steph... she came by for a quick (too quick) visit on Friday afternoon on her way to Salado! Aunt Steph calls me "Lil Guy" and rubs my head just like she did with her little boy Dylan. Dylan is the coolest... Mommy always shows me his pictures and tells me stories about my Aunt Steph!

I'm not super pleased with this picture... it was tough finding the right angle... but then again my Aunt Steph is so pretty she makes all of us look a little "less than." Thanks for coming to see me Aunt Steph!


Mommy and Daddy's friends since high school, Miss Blair and Mr. Chris and their son Jakin came to visit! Jakin is like Dylan and is a very cool older man... BUT he was super interested in me because he is about to be a big brother to Baby Bo... so he was practicing all of his best tricks on me. 

Jakin was born in Africa... WOAH baby is all I have to say about that!

Jakin liked my toys as much as I do... He even showed me how to sit in my Bumbo seat! He is really good at it! Jakin's mommy and daddy kept saying what a "punkin" I was... not quite sure what that meant... maybe that's how they say "pumpkin" in Africa?

Good times with the Bito's! They are moving to Chicago in a few months... Wrigley Field here I come! 
I know, I know... not one of my better moods... but it was windy and I'm a gasper...give a guy a break!

Last on the list of visitors this weekend were Nana and Paps! Boy was it good to see them. My paps and I hung out in the rocker like we normally do and he tells my mommy and daddy what a "Pretty Boy" I am... pretty? Really Paps? Well, I think you're pretty too! Take that!

My sweet Nana... she calls me "Precious," which I am...duh! My Nana was  a little sad yesterday because her Aunt Annie went to Heaven to be with my Nana's mommy, but she knows they are partying right now and having so much fun watching over all of us!

I think I did a great job of cheering my Nana up... I sure hope so! I love you Nana and Paps. My mommy, daddy and I are saying lots of prayers for Aunt Annie!

After a BUSY weekend of visitors it was time for just the three of us... Mommy and I had a nice, long talk  recapping the previous days' events! 

Early this morning we went on a family walk... we went to a new trail in G-town to mix it up a bit. We passed all sorts of wildlife, including a flock of geese that mommy ran from! Silly mommy... I'll protect you!

We went 1.5 miles and then turned around and came back... 3 miles... it was nothin'!

After a great workout and a nice cold Sonic drink, we settled in for a day full of basketball... let the madness continue! That's right... I'm supporting the Big XII with a little Rock Chalk action! My Aunt Renae is one serious Jayhawk and sent me this awesome bib! 

PS: My mommy is up by 3 games on my daddy! GO MOMMY! I'm so proud of her!

And that concludes that... say it with me...



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Stephanie said...

ahhh, i love you sweet caden! i loved seeing you and your sweet mom & dad for a bit. maybe we can cuddle more some time soon!