Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Catch-Up: Trip to CC

The first weekend in May, Justin had a fun dude weekend planned, so the kids and I headed south for a little fun in the CC sun with KK and Albi! It sure isn't a bad thing when your parents live just minutes from the beach! I think I'd say we are a pretty lucky crew! 

Especially, when KK and Albi treat you to some superb cooking all weekend long!

And some gifts...


Kaki wanted to wear all three!


On Saturday after an early nap day we decided to head to the beach! It was a pretty day, a little on the cool side but we are excited. It was a few days after one of those random Spring cold snaps that we kept getting... and are now thankful for as we are soaring well into the 90s this week. 

I took a selfie to show Uncle Josh that we were "reppin" Lone Star at the beach! Nice!!

Once we got to the beach, the sun was still shining, but the wind was also still blowing that North wind so it made it a bit chilly... BUT heck! That didn't stop us! At least Caden and I! I think we were the only two to really venture out into the water that day! And for good reason! It was good while you were in, but once you got out it was a lip turning purple moment! 

Kaki cared more about the sand toys KK and Albi bought for our trips to the beach!

KK obliged Kaki by helping her build a "sandcastle!"

Those girls... so cute!!

And this guy who is TERRIFIED this summer of the POOL, was perfectly carefree in the ocean... does he not know how silly this seems to most people?! :) But let me just say that drains are WAY scarier than sharks, jelly fish and the like to a four year old! God Bless America!

Kaki did her fair share of snack eating while we were there... in fact I would say the way she does it, it becomes more like a hobby... or a sport! 

Caden and I did it all... splashed, swam, dove in the waves, played some catch, played some paddle ball, ate some snacks, got freezing cold... and then it was time to pack it up and head home!

But first we had to stop for some island gelatto...YUM!

Back at the house we had some horse racing to catch up on... Albi was teaching Kaki all about it... she was thrilled... I'm sure! :) Actually, she really does like horses... she in an animal phase right now!

Aren't they cute?!

It was a fun weekend in CC... slow-paced, filled with yummy food and the greatest company around. And when you throw a bit of sand and waves into the mix, it really is not a bad place to spend a weekend! :)

Thanks Kk and Albi for all of the fun in the CC sun!! Next time, we can be assured that it will not be cold in those waves!! :) And we can't wait!!

We love y'all!!

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KK said...

That seems like forever ago but that's just because its been an action packed May. I think the water is about 15 degrees warmer already. The beach is waitin'. 🌅