Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Catch-Up: Mama's/Mommy's Day

Next up in May was Uncle Josh's birthday... 28!! Hard to believe it... and even harder to believe that that little munchkin of a brother in the pictures below is going to be a Daddy in September!  A Daddy! In September! I can hardly believe it! We are going to have another nephew... Whit! We are over the moon excited for Josh and Emily and canNOT wait for him to join the family... out of utero... he is clearly already very MUCH an Evans! :)

Next up... let's head on into Mother's Day... or as I like to call it Mama's Day... that's what Kaki calls me and Mommy's Day, that's what Caden calls me. Funny that they call me two different things isn't it? I kind of like it... :)

So in true Mother's Day (homemade gift fashion) we did some crafting for all of our favorite mamas! :)

As you can see in the picture, I was in the middle of a decorating mess... quite literally. I had pulled out all sorts of things from the garage... old pieces I didn't use, trying to figure out if I could cost-effectively decorate my new buffet table... thank you, Ikea! I love that place!

It wasn't really workin' for me... but thankfully, I had three really thoughtful people who were going to help a mama/mommy out! :)

I would have been completely fine with this lovely portrait painted by my firstborn for my Mother's Day loot, but... they decided to do a bit more! ;)

He painted my shirt green for Baylor of course... and I say "he" very loosely... my child is NOT INTO arts and crafts... by the looks of this his teachers did all of it... except for pick the colors! :)

AND she also gave us a set of four BEAUTIFUL coasters for Mother's and Father's Day!! So thoughtful and so treasured! And Caden loves that we get to use them for our drinks EVERY DAY! And you can bet he asks us if we use them EVERY DAY!

Being a Mama/Mommy to these two little ones is the best job on earth! I love it so very much! And I am so thankful that I am in a position where I can live my dream as a stay at home mommy! I know this is never something to take for granted and I am grateful!! Truly!

If she likes two pacis how will we ever get it down to NO pacis?? :) I'm not worried... :)

Brother and sister... couldn't get any better than that!! 

Often sweet, sometimes sour but becoming great friends! I love being their mom!

On the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend the kids and Justin "woke" me up with Starbucks and two cute little gift bags each with a light bulb inside... they were taking me LAMP shopping!! WHOO HOO!! I was so excited!

We had a fun morning shopping for lamps and then for other goodies for all of the May celebrations we have in our family... 

Best gifts ever... 

Those three!

My sweet girl!!

Saturday evening we had an event to go to for Justin and so it was a free date night... almost... I guess we have to pay those babysitters huh?! :) It was fun to get dressed up and hit the town... 

Selfie in the car before walking in... we are anything if not spontaneous/never think to ask anyone to take our picture... which is why most of our date night pics are exactly like this one!! :) Ah, well... he's cute anyway! :)

Sunday we celebrated with pancakes, church and a lazy afternoon around the house!

Mother's Day always feels a little funny to me... being a Mama/Mommy is my favorite thing, it feels kind of silly getting celebrated for the things I do when I do what I love, but I am appreciative of the day to receive a bit extra from my kiddos all the same! :)

Kaki walked around all day on Sunday saying, "Happy Birthday Mother's Day!" 

Someone is very excited about her upcoming birthday!! 2!

Sunday afternoon Caden and Justin were having a "slide-off" in the backyard... 

Who won?

I did!! The blessing abound with these two! Love them to the moon and back and back again... and again... and maybe even again!

It was a GREAT Mother's Day weekend!! 

(I am thankful to have written this post well after the fact... lots less tears shed... I think I cried a record number of times leading up to Mother's Day... happy tears... emotional Mama tears! Bless my heart!)


KK said...

Ahh sweetness. Much to be thankful for.

Emily and Josh said...

So happy to see you being properly spoiled by your sweet little family. You love them so well!

Sharla Cox said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.