Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Catch-Up: Evans Family VACA!!

(Grandmother and others... please note you may have missed previous two posts... make sure you go back to catch up on our May action!)

The week before last, Kk and Albi treated the Evans family extended to a fabulous vaca in San Antonio! Off-season vacations are the best! We were so fortunate to have beautiful, warm, sunny weather and a resort nearly all to ourselves... it was what dreams are made of! 

Before we headed south to one of our very favorite places in this great state of Texas, it was imperative that C and K get some new shades for their fun in the sun. I mean... it's only right... So Target, had a few options... that did not include, glitter, characters and or other obnoxious material...ha! So we went with it... and I think even the glitter and cartoons would look good on these too!! Love it!

SO we headed out Wednesday morning for VACA! The night before, the kids were literally running around screaming... they could not contain their excitement and it was hilarious! We were loving every bit of them firing up their vacation engines! Tuesday morning came fast and we were ready... "whoo, whoo it's time for vacation," C would say. And K would reply with, "CATION!!! Let's go!!"

We met the rest of the crew at our favorite local mexican joint and did it up right... margs and enchiladas were the kick-off to a great week! CHEERS!!!

It was SO great to see Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh... it had been since January... what??!! Could that be right?! Aunt Emily had sprouted nicely and we were excited to give our nephew a few rubs!! We love you Whitters! :) Whitters... that's it... that's my nickname!! Emily? Josh? Okay?! :)

Once we downed our margs and chowed down on the best enchiladas this side of the Rio Grande we headed up the hill to the JW for the week... 

And you can guess where our first stop was???!!

THE POOL, of course!

Before I get much further I just want to say that the JW in SA is a top notch place! They went above and beyond all week to make us feel welcome and special! We had the most fun getting to know all of the great people they employ! The pools were fabulous, the food AWESOME and atmosphere couldn't have been better! What a treat to vacation at the JW... they have got things figured out! :)

Back to the action...

Kiddie pool... awesome slides!!

And boy is was sure a shame that Kaki needed a riding partner... because those slides were absolutely NO fun! :) 

Albi!! Let's go!!

Uncle Josh made it his mission to wear C out... and he did! :)

And vice versa... preppin' him for things to come! :)

Although we laughed all week about how Whitters will be a Southern Gentlemen, prim, proper and always in a bow tie, behaving perfectly in each and every situation! :) Hey, we can dream, right?!! :)

Kaki got acclimated to vacation life in a matter of minutes... it appears that vacation suits her! :) Go figure!

She loved the pool and the SLIDES!! Oh... we all took a turn or TWENTY down the slides!! My back hurts just thinking about getting in and out of the pool! ;) Hehe! BUT... anything for my Kaki-girl!! :)

After the first day, this was the scene at dinner... down. for.the.count.

Both of 'em... and we still had 4 days left!!

Luckily, K and C put on their big boy undies and big girl diaper and were ready for another FUN day by the sun's rise the next morning!

Cutie in her cover up!

We had a cabana to relax by the pool in and they even brought us a pack n play to see if K would take her nap down there... turns out there was WAY too much excitement... but we tried! And a nap was important that day... we had a yummy dinner with some special friends to stay up late for!!

Pool time with Mommy... thanks for snapping this pic Aunt Emily!

Down from the cabana we had four chairs in the water which acted as a make-shift baby pool... it was fabulous and so convenient for young kiddos! :)

Thursday night we got to meet up with some of our dear friends Rachel and Justin for dinner. It was so fun to get to see them and hear all about their life in San Antonio. It had been too long and we were all so glad to get that time to eat yummy food and relax after a hot day by the pool! Perfection!

Kaki was ready for breakfast... hat on and purse packed! :) C and K of course got to take a trip to the gift shop with Albi... :) He's such a sucker!! Haha! And we love him for it!

Friday night we took it easy around the pool all day and then got some grub at the hotel sports bar for dinner... after dinner the fireplace was inviting and so was the game of football taking place on the lawn...

parents to be... 

Caden and Kaki joined in the fun! Kaki actually walked right up to two big boys, grabbed the football and chunked it... hilarious!! I don't think the boys knew what to think!

Caden had so much fun playing even though he didn't really see much action... he was really good at saying, "I'm open!! I'm open!!" Sweet thing!

Fun group of kiddos...

Saturday it was the girls' turn to have a day at the spa. The big boys went and played golf on Thursday... in truth, they said that the golf course actually played them, but nonetheless they enjoyed the beating... I think! :) 

Before we headed to get beautified we got some pool time in... Josh was learning in earnest everything he could about happy children and their sleep habits. Good stuff.

And Caden was continuing to tell himself, "it is shallow here, I will not drown..." and loving every minute of that realization! :) And NO DIVING... 

And the fam pic... I was a bone head and got completely TORCHED the first day we were there, which meant I got to wear a fancy t-shirt in the water for the next few days... :( But hey... I've got a good base coat now... and no peeling... just the pain and itch of a good burn! 

As I mentioned earlier the staff went ABOVE AND BEYOND for us the entire time we were there. The last day... after Caden had voiced his love for all things Batman, they brought him his very own FANCY Batman mask... can you believe it? Brand spankin' new! He did not take it off all day... literally! And since we've been home it's made it to HEB at least twice and he wears it all over the house. Kaki says, "Caden... BATMAN!!" She likes it too! :)

The last night we were there was probably one of my favorites!! Our sweet friends Rachel and Justin agreed to take on the Cox kids for the evening while the bigger kids got to celebrate two very special boys' birthdays at one of the best steakhouses in the nation!! :) What could be better than that? We are so thankful to Rach and Justin for taking care of our two! This Mama does not take the babysitter thing lightly and it was SO nice to know they were in such great hands and equally as nice to enjoy a dinner out with my original fam! Plus a few extras... :)

We were trying to take some table shots... my arms were obviously not long enough... HA!

And again... nice face JOSH!!

Okay, we'll go side by side...

My and my sweet rents... I HEART HIS PICTURE!! This picture is proof positive that I did come from both of them... a lovely combination, I'd say! :)

And those three... trouble! Especially that guy on the end... and the little Whitters to be! 

It was a fabulous night!! We had such fun and ate SUCH amazing food!! And we may have also had some really great wine!! :)

It was a great way to celebrate both Justin and Josh for their 31 and 28 years of life! What a treat!

The kids had a fabulous time at Rachel and Justin's and by the time we picked them up they had gotten a second wind and were able to tell us all about the fun they had on the way back from the hotel! Caden was in a pool of sweat because, of course he was STILL wearing his Batman mask! God bless him!

The next morning was sad... it was over... and it had only just begun! After breakfast we took the opportunity to snap a few pics before we left!

Plus, we were working on getting some ammo for the Instagram contest they were hosting which would grant the winning person TWO FREE NIGHTS at the hotel! Whaaaaa-hooooo! I'm in for the win!

Happy family shot...

Super sad family shot... we don't wanna leave!!

Happy new parents...

Happy OLD grandparents! :) And I mean old as in, they've already been grandparents before... so they aren't new... although they may be both be 57 by the end of the summer... ahem!

Happy kids... all 7 of us...

Sad... I look particularly rough... not sure if I look sad or sick... but either way!

And then the off-balance HAPPY WHIT IS COMING shot!! Poor Emily... she was a good sport to let us all point and stare, open-mouthed! :)

I'm calling it... JW SA 2014... I'm ready! Are y'all??

THANK YOU KK and Albi for treating YET AGAIN to another fabulous vacation... I've said it before and I'll say it again... there really is NO REASON to ever leave Texas! And that's why we all live here! Texas Forever! 

And family forever!

We love each you to the moon and back!

And I'll leave this with our trip inside joke.... D-R-U-N-C-K... that's all! ;) 


KK said...

Oh my goodness you have me laughing out loud!! Such a fun time. We treasure every moment. And if you win that trip we'll do a mini version with you. Thanks for all the pics.

Emily and Josh said...

Hahahahaha! That final sentence may be my favorite! Josh, Whit and I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of vaca! Could not have been more perfect. Love you all so dearly!