Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Waco Cox Family Christmas

And here we are... at our Christmas grand finale... The Cox Family Christmas in Waco!

Normally, this would be the side of the family that we captured the most pictures... thanks to Aunt Ree Ree! BUT, these days Aunt Ree Ree's hands are a little full so she isn't our family photog, although I will say she probably got WAY more than I did and when she posts them I will update this post accordingly. 

On Christmas Day we loaded up all of our presents that were meant for Waco and our bags and headed North. The weather was bitter cold and it felt a LOT like Christmas. The Waco crew was down a few this year and we were sad to miss Gran and Poppa but thankful that their sickness didn't last long and that they recovered quickly! And Nana... poor Nana... she pulled a hamstring and was down for the count too... recliner bound for most of the time we were there, which did not make her happy at all... but probably was a blessing in disguise allowing her to get some much needed rest! And Bop and my three were recovering from a cold so we were a pretty sad bunch!! BUT we didn't let any of it slow down our fun! As SOON as we got there we opened presents... naturally! And once again we were all spoiled and are so grateful for the ALL of thoughtful gifts we received!

Caden scored a scooter and he LOVED it... he didn't get to ride it much more than 10 minutes at a time because of the cold and his cough but the last day we were there he did manage to ride it all the way to the pond and back... he is going to love riding it up and down our street this Spring!

And Kaki rounded out her Bitty Baby nursery with a bed... WHAT FUN! Bitty took LOTS of naps while we were there and I am pretty sure that everyone got a turn at putting her down! Sweet Kaki loves being a mama!

And her favorite baby was there too... Graham... his first Christmas! He was such a sweet little man with all of the noise and commotion that comes with his cousins. He just sits back and takes it all in! And I think he may even like it... and us! :)

When we saw him the first thing we all said was, "GRAHAM... you have GROWN so much!!" He looked awesome and like such a baby... no more newborn!

Caden and Kaki are just foolish over that boy! They think he is a pretty neat little dude. In fact Caden calls him, "ol' g-dawg" and says things like, "What's up ol' g-dawg?" Caden has Justin and I's disease of nicknaming EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE... bless his poor little g-dawg heart! :-)

After presents we relaxed until it was time for dinner and Cori and I did our best to live up to Nana's expectations and stepped in while she nursed herself back to health. We ate by candlelight and enjoyed an evening with the family.

The next day we laid low and played around the house... taking some trips outside to ride the scooter and doing all sorts of fun things with the kids new toys! Justin and I even got to steal away for a few hours while our kids were napping to do some shopping... it was lovely!

That night the boys went out for a boys' night and the girls stayed home with the kids and watched a movie... Once again I introduced family to Perfect Pitch... such a great movie!! I have watched it three times in the last 10 days... and could watch it right now!! Even Graham liked it! :)

The next morning we headed home so Justin could get back to work but not before Kaki and Graham had some Ree and Tag story time... this may be one of the few times I have EVER seen Kaki sit still through a book... her Uncle Tag has the magic touch!

Or maybe after three Christmas celebrations Kaki finally said, "UNCLE!!" :-)

What a great end to our Christmas celebrations! A laid-back, low-key trip to Waco!! With lots of food, fun and laughter!

We love y'all!!


Cori Agnew said...

Such a fun time! I can't wait to see the cousins start to interact and play together even more!

Sharla Cox said...

Thanks for all the work you to did while I recovered. It was such a fun time with everyone here. I enjoyed out girls night.

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Hi! I found you through Wynne's blog! :-) Your daughter is PRECIOUS! :-)