Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1.5, 18 Months, 1 1/2, One Year and One Half

Kaki-Pants is 18 months old! ONE YEAR AND ONE HALF! 1 1/2! 1.5 years! I cannot believe it! A few days after Christmas Kaki hit the half way mark to TWO! It was the day we left Waco and I didn't even realize it was the 27th until KK texted us later in the day to wish Kaki a happy halfy birthday! Poor Kaki-girl and every other second child out there... we don't mean it and we DO love you more than you could EVER, EVER know!!

Oh this girl! OH... is a common remark we make around our house when it comes to Kaki! She is Trouble with a captial "T" and Sweet with a big "S" and CUTE in all caps! We laugh so hard at her! SO hard! And we shake our heads even harder. We don't raise our voice at her much but we should... we REALLY should... wink, wink! :) Caden lived in time out at this age and she probably should too... she certainly offends enough but we just can't stand to put our Kaki-Lou behind bars... and it's a mistake... I know it is and it's going to stop... really... it is, but that girl... OH, that girl has us RIGHT where she wants us! And now she's gonna eat us! 

Now, I don't say all of that to say that Kaki is nothing BUT trouble, because she certainly is not. All of that is to remind me someday (3 months from now) what a spirited personality she had at the ripe old age of 18 months. She is always up to something... always! My days at home with her are busy... making sure she is staying out of trouble can be a full time job, but she isn't into everything just to be into it... she has a purpose for everything and can find a "job" in almost any room/drawers/bag/bucket/closet... you name it!

I'm not sure that much has changed since last month but a few things do come to mind!

Foods: a new fav... CREAM CHEESE (whipped only) and crackers... both of my kids love them and would eat them for EVERY meal if I let them. Fruit snacks... girl loves her some fruit snacks.
Drinks: she has joined the juice train and is lovin' it... very diluted still but she asks for it often... ju-sssss. And she likes Sprite watered down too... finally... :)
New Words: ju-sss, sha-sha (shower), so-x, bank-ket, MA-MA (not NA-NA), No (HILARIOUS!)
New Expressions: "there she is" "here you go" they are more sounds that words but they sound very close to the real thing... pretty darn cute!
Favorite Word(s): THANK YOU!! AND "Whoo, whoo, whoo," which is a Cox Family favorite... and it's used whenever we think someone in our house looks especially cute/pretty/handsome/fancy! :)
Skills: turns circles, jump (no feet leave the ground), bubble blowing (with the wand), marching (with one foot)

I just asked Justin what things we wanted to remember about Kaki at this age and he said... and I quote..."That she's a problem... AND that she's the sweetest girl in the world!"

Do you see our dilemma? It really is a problem... WE are the problem! WE! She is a problem and we are the solution! BUT if we are the problem, we can't be the solution! Oh the irony!

More than anything I want to remember how Kaki is NOT stingy with her hugs and kisses, how she always has a smile tucked away somewhere and usually we don't have to do anything to get one. I want to remember her curly blond hair and those big blue eyes and how they twinkle when you look at her. I want to remember her good manners and how she says thank you without prompting 9 times out of 10. I want to remember the times she grabs people's hands and leads them through the house. I want to remember how she loves her grandparents and makes it a point to bond with each of them individually, they each hold such a special place in her heart! I want to remember how her aunts and uncles love on her and how she loves them back. I want to remember how much she plays and pretends and already uses her imagination to retreat to other worlds. I want to remember that even when she's sick she still finds the joy in her day. I want to remember the way she looks with her paci in her mouth and her lovie in her hand. I want to remember how she and Caden play together and also how they poke at each other. I want to remember the building blocks of their relationship. I want to remember how she looks after a meal... messy, crusty, cute. I want to remember how much she dislikes long car trips so I can fully appreciate the day when she enjoys them! I want to remember how she looks at me, her Daddy and her brother. Oh, I want to remember it all!

AND OH, I love this girl!! To the moon and back!! And back again!!

And a few more things to help me remember Kaki-girl at the one and a half...

Her 18 month "photo-shoot:"

Love this next one... but the SNOT... oh the snot! I guess we captured real life! :)

CURLS!! So many curls!!

Trying on hats in her room...

She is getting SO good at saying cheese... can you tell??

And this one is going to be hanging LOUD and PROUD on a wall near me VERY SOON! :-) Love that girl!!

Happiest Birthday to my favorite 18 month old!!


KK said...

Oh sweet kaki girl. Love her to pieces. Never get tired of being led around by her. She has us all wrapped up. Big trouble. :)

Cori said...

Oh my word, those pictures are priceless! We sure do love Kaki, her sass and all! She makes us laugh so much!

Sharla Cox said...

What a Beautiful little sweetheart!

Melissa said...

She is sooo cute! Love those pics! Happy 18 months Kaki! And after reading this, it is confirmed yet again that she and Logan would be trouble together!