Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Cox Family Christmas

Back to Christmas so we can move on to equally exciting events like BIRTHDAYS!! :)

But the ultimate birthday party comes at Christmas... we all know that!

After our trip to CC for the Evans Family Christmas we drove home Christmas Eve to ready ourselves for the big day and the arrival of one of our favorite Christmas friends... Santa and his reindeer.

Before it was even dark this year, Caden insisted that we needed to get outside and put out the reindeer food! He thought it needed to be there... just in case! This year we had our traditional reindeer food and then Caden also decided to sacrifice his pretty Santa cookie for the sake of the reindeer so we broke that up and put that in the yard too. Just today, I noticed the reindeer must have passed on the cookie as some of it was still in the yard... hard to believe all of our other woodland creature friends have passed it by too! They don't know what they're missing... clearly!

This year we had two sick kids and a sick Daddy so we opted out of the Christmas Eve church service and ended up attempting to do our own at home. It went about as well as we could have expected and we learned a lot about grace as we tried to sit and read the Christmas story with both Caden and Kaki... we ended up praying OVER Kaki and ourselves asking the Lord for patience and strength and then we put her to BED and read with Caden... the girl doesn't sit still for anyone... not even Jesus! :)

It was an early to bed night on Christmas Eve... which was good because you just never know when Santa might appear! And we all know that kids must be asleep... and so Caden didn't risk seeing Santa as he came out of his room in the morning or during the night we put up the kids' shower curtain to block the view... better safe than sorry, right?! :) We weren't risking anything! 

Caden was up a little later than normal but still an hour before Kaki... but he waited patiently for his time to go and see what was behind the curtain... did he come??!! And if he did... what did he bring? Did he like the cookies? And the milk? What about the special glass with Daddy's company logo on it that he had insisted we serve Santa's milk in? 

GUESS WHAT?!! He came!! Just like Jesus! Hurray!!!!

Kaki had a baby doll Christmas! KK and Albi got her her very first American Girl Doll, Bitty Baby and so Santa followed suit and got her a few accessories and Nana and Bop too... Kaki is ready to open up a nursery any day now! :-)

Cade-man had a football Christmas... complete with helmet... and of course an RGIII jersey!

Princess ride along...

Our lil Rag-a-muffin!



It was a fun morning of playing and packing as we geared up for our final Christmas celebration in Waco! I love our Christmas morning at home and try to treasure every last moment up! The miracle of Christmas never finds itself lost on me!

Up next Waco... 

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