Monday, June 18, 2012

One More Month (ahem, week) to Go!! Kaki at 11 Months...

Well, there I went again... slighting the second child! Oh the plight of these younger siblings. To this all I can say is... I'm so sorry Josh! 

So I may always be LATE on her birthday posts and I am ashamed that I have WAY more phone pictures than I do "real" pictures of her... BUT I love this girl more than any other GIRL in the world! She has a place in my heart all her own and I love her for it. She is my girl...always and forever! 

I just had to get around to writing her 11 month birthday post since we are celebrating her 1st birthday in just 6 short days! This weekend we'll be in Houston celebrating our sweet niece or nephew and so we decided since both sides of the family would be in town we'd tag along Kaki's first birthday party too! So Sunday is going to be her big day... and we could not be more excited to have a day dedicated to our little Lou Lou... :) 

I think it has been hitting us more and more lately... our little baby is not so baby like anymore. She is wearing clips in her hair... still not a fan of the bow but the clip she'll leave alone. She is jabbering and laughing and squealing. She's screaming and making her opinion and discomfort known when she needs to. She is eating EVERYTHING in sight. She has three teeth... and is working on about 7 more... okay so maybe just three, but it seems like 7. She is bright-eyed and curious, she is IN everything... she is an adventurer and wanderer at times but then a PLAYER... she sits and plays and plays and plays... moving from one thing to the next. She loves to swim and can't not abide it when we take her out of the bath each night. She would stay in there all night if we let her. She is a joy to be around and as flexible as they come. She goes where ever we take her and acts happy about it even when I am certain there are times that she's not. She is a fireball and has the goofiest little personality that keeps us entertained. She loves her brother and her Daddy but I think she still has a soft spot for me too and for that I am grateful. She cannot handle it when Caden gets in trouble or is in time out... she just sits at the door and fusses at us! That will change I am sure! She enjoys being social and has so much fun in the church nursery. She stayed away for the first night at her Nana and Bop's this weekend and did great... I don't think she noticed we weren't there and if she did, she didn't seem to care. As for me... well it goes without saying that I missed her a ton but was proud to say that I cried WAY LESS than the first time I left Caden. I don't think it will ever be easy for me, but I suppose I'm grateful for that too. 

The specifics of Kaki go something like this...

Favorite toy: her dolls, her brother's baseball men, the jump rope, baseball bats and balls. She loves to pull all of our other toys out of buckets and then put them back in. She seems to enjoy sorting! 

Favorite TV show: Barney and always Mickey Mouse, especially when it's time for the hot dog dance.

Favorite foods: mac n cheese, yogurt melts, cheerios, and still LOVES her some baby food... 

Drinks: will not drink juice but is starting to like water... still takes THREE bottles a day... eek! I am a bit unsure of how our bottle to cup transition will go. Hoping for the best.

Naps: most days I try to get her down for two naps, but there are some days where all we can manage is one and she does well on those days too

Bedtime: 7:30 and usually sleeps until 7:00-7:30

Books: She is not my reader... but I am hopeful she will be. She really likes Polly's Pink Pajamas and all of her simple word/picture board books. She loves looking through books on her own but has a hard time sitting still when we read them to her! :)

Words: No words just yet but lots of noise comes out of her mouth! Ha!

Tricks: Loves to "raise her hands" "wave" "clap""pat/bang" "kiss" "hug" etc. She also likes to dance and "shake it" when she's standing. Hehe! Oh, and she can blow raspberries with the best of 'em. I am pretty sure she could set a record for longest ever raspberry ever recorded! Hilarious!

Kaki has just in the past two weeks starting to pull up on her own and just this morning she starting cruising around one of our ottomans... she's getting there! And of course she crawls at the speed of light so the incentive to learn to walk/stumble/fall is not quite there! :)

Random favorites: Kaki loves jewelry... LOVES it. No jewelry is safe around Kaki... NONE! She has broken a necklace of KK's and come close to several others! She LOVES shoes... (are we sounding a little stereotypical girl or what?) she loves to untie laces and give all of them a little taste! I am constantly combing the floor for shoes to get them out of her reach. We have to leave the doors to the bathrooms closed or else she makes a BEELINE for them. She loves to try to get into the bath and loves to pull up on the stools we have to help C wash his hands. Today, I heard her blabbing when I was putting up laundry in the other room. I was laughing hearing how loud and exaggerated she was being... when I walked back in she had her toy phone up to her ear and was telling some lucky person one heck of a story... once she realized that I was watching her she got all embarrassed and stopped... it was HILARIOUS! Silly Kaki-girl!

There is always so much to say and so much that I never want to forget! The first few years of life bring so many changes with them... it's impossible to capture them all but I hope that I have treasured them the best I can! 

Next stop... the ONE YEAR mark!! I cannot believe it!! 

You're almost there Kaki-pants!! 11 to go... 

We love you sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet GIRL!!!!! To the moon and back!

Now for a little photo fun...

The apt doesn't allow for a ton of great picturesque spots with all of our clutter... BUT we did find a little corner on Caden's bed to set up shop... of course these days photo shoots are FAST AND FURIOUS! :)

Oops... forgot to take her paci out. We did it right after morning naptime! :)

Clearly she was happy about that... and a bit snotty about it too! :) Mug shot, much?

Okay, now she's ready... work it... own it... rarrrrr!

Praying her way through it...

Sup mom?!

Silly Kaki!!

Still a bit of snot sneaking out... but a good shot of her bottom toofers! :)

Don't show 'em my snot, Mom?! Makes me embarrassed!! 

I think you're beautiful snot or not!! :)

When I asked her how she felt about Caden she did this...

And all I said was, "Ditto!"

Happy 11 Months sweet girl!


KK said...

Oh that girl. I love her so much! Can't believe she's almost a year old!! See you this weekend sweet girl.

Melissa said...

A few days from 1...oh my! And I still have not met this adorable sweet thing! One day, one day! She and Logan will be double trouble!