Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zone Defense At the Pool!

I have long wondered how it would be taking two kiddos to the pool all by my lonesome... with one... it's no biggie, but I was concerned about my attention span with two... I mean pools are scary... at least they can be... Last summer I had to jump in TWICE to save someone else's child while at the pool... and I was pregnant... like 9 months pregnant... talk about a splash zone! 

Anyway... I've been READY to head to the pool for days now... and today we finally did it! Kaki's snot-nosed be DARNED! :) One of the great things about apartment living is that we are just steps away from the pool. Which made the whole load 'em up and get 'em to the pool thing SO easy! Plus... there was NO ONE there... we had the pool all to ourselves! So Austin friends... come on over and let's swim!! :)

Caden was a little fish today... jumping in the pool from the side without any hesitation at all. Typically he likes to jump to someone... but not today... I guess he needed to get out of the house! :)

I even managed to snap a few pics of my little fishies!! Here's to more days at the pool! 

 She kept her hat on the WHOLE time... victory! I was telling my mom earlier how great it would be for someone to make a sun hat with a teething ring as the chin strap... genius I tell you! Kaki chewed on her strap nearly the entire time we were swimming! :)

 Brother and sister swimming...

One of them kind of looking my way...

All dried off and ready to head back to the apartment for lunch... We did it!!


Cori said...

So fun! I'm way impressed with your zone defense! Can't wait to get lots of swimming in this weekend!

KK said...

I'm glad your zone worked. Will make for a fun summer and good afternoon naps.

Melissa said...

Proud of you at the pool! I had to venture out last summer with two, but I am pretty sure that will be easy compared to this year. I am a bit jealous of the pool that is steps away from y'all right now!