Tuesday, May 8, 2012

9 Months AND 10 Months... All About Kaki

Well, no time like the present, am I right? Today, May 8th, a mere month plus lots of days since Kaki turned 9 months old I finally took her 9 month old pictures... of course they are a LIE because she is in fact 10 months old... plus some change. But I changed the bow and you know... it works! Luckily, I have plenty of pics of my sweet thing during her big 9... so I am really hoping there is no permanent damage done by my lack of photographing! Oh the pressure!

Kaki has morphed in the past two months... she is a little ball of fire! Oh man, a pill and a half! But still so happy. She is the goofiest, silliest, happiest little girl you've ever met. I would still consider her very laid back in so many ways, especially in the ways that she just goes with the flow... she is a pretty flexible little one... skipping naps, sitting out in the hot sun watching soccer, running errands, traveling... she is great! Then there is a side of her that is not so laid back... she does not like to sit still and LOVES to play. She is everywhere... a crawler now... and FAST! She loves to follow people around, find her toys, play with the dogs, empty bags, purses, boxes, chew on phone chargers, you name it. She LOVES her toys and Caden's toys too... in fact Caden has a set of baseball figurines that are her FAVORITE thing ever, besides her "door." She plays with the door all the time. 

She also has a terrible habit of screaming... they are happy screams but they are LOUD! She has started to do it in public and let's just say that her timing isn't always perfect. I have never once been nervous to take my kids out to eat but after some outbursts at lunch on Sunday I am a bit apprehensive... and I am just not sure how to handle it. I mean she's happy... but LOUD... like REALLY loud! She does it the most in the car... when she is looking at herself in the mirror. And it's not cute or girly or sweet noises... it's rough and gruff and frankly it sounds like her throat should be scarred from it... but alas she keeps on it. Girlfriend has got her some serious vocal chords!

Kaki Lou is an eater... I know you're shocked, but she is a table food lover. We have found two things she doesn't like. A certain restaurants mac n cheese and refried beans. That's it. Her favorite things are cheese quesadillas, mac n cheese, waffles, black beans, MUMS, CHEERIOS, yogurt, apple sauce, yogurt melts, green peas, carrots. Not a huge fruit eater and we have to be careful with certain things that seem to make her rashy. She still eats three bottles a day... I keep trying to cut one out but she isn't quite ready, so let her drink, right?! She works hard for it! :)

Just a side note... I think Kaki is ready for big girl privileges... she STARES Caden down any time he has ice cream or a milkshake... or even a Sprite. Although we have let her try Sprite and she was NOT A FAN. But ice cream... I am pretty sure she's going to love it and to be honest I am not really sure why we haven't let her try it... stay tuned! :) She had her first cinnamon roll and blueberry muffin this month and OH MY... she is a pastry girl... hate that for her! :) Oh and TEETH! She has some... two on bottom and one on the top that has been a BEAST... it finally broke through the gum but is still not all the way through... it's just rude how late these teeth can be arriving to the party... I mean COME on!

On the rare occasion that Kaki is upset there is always one thing we know we can do to calm her down... have Caden sing to her... works. every. time. He does have a sweet little voice. And speaking of brother and sister bonding... boy do they ever love each other. Caden is obviously not always a fan of sharing his toys but he's working on it and getting better and better. Of course Kaki thinks sharing with him is the greatest. She is brave and is not afraid to take what she wants... and if it gets taken back from her she is okay with it and just shakes it off. I am sure that will not always be the case, but for now she just moves on. Kaki and Caden are sharing a room right now as we are in transition between our old house and new house and they are the sweetest bed buddies... they LOVE to "talk" to each other and I have to admit their little noises and laughter is pretty darn cute! We have had to separate the two during nap times but at night they are doing great. 

Speaking of naps... Kaki still prefers the two nap day, but does well with just one. She is an early riser which I am thinking might change once we are totally off our morning nap. And I'll be thankful I'll admit... because for now, when she's up so is Caden and then our days are starting well before 7:00... and I know, I know... get a life Katie... but hey it's one of the perks of being a stay at home mom... I like 7:30-8:00 starts to our morning... sue me! 

Kaki is brave... she is not scared of anything that we've found so far... wait... I take that back... she does not like to be thrown in the air by her Daddy. And to that I say she is SMART not scared. Sweet girl. And she doesn't like to be told no... ever... it embarrasses her so much and makes her very sad. But sometimes she really needs it... and it is SO SO HARD so I'll be honest she doesn't hear it all that much... this needs to change... I know! No! No, no, Kaki... NO! See I can do it!

Kaki stops traffic more in public than anything I have ever seen... it's crazy how often people want to stop and talk to her. She smiles at everyone and is always super friendly. She's not near as shy as Caden and overall is a pretty outgoing little girl. It brings my joy to see other people enjoy her as much as we do! She is a very special girl! There is definitely something about Kaki! :)

Kaki is the girl we needed and thankfully the girl God graced our family with. She fits right in but has carved a special place all her own at the same time. We love her to pieces... we cannot ever get enough of our girl! Happy 9 and 10 months Kaki pants... we love you more than ever!! And then some! And some more on top of that! 

And now... for the Picky Sticky photo shoot... 

First up... I'm 9 Months... 

Reaching up for that bow... NOT A FAN of it Mom!! Get a clue!

Did I get it??

I'm gonna get it... or I'm gonna dive off of this chair... either one...

Ah geez Mom... why can't I dive off? It looks like fun... I'm sad! :(

Sweetest thing...

Tried some off the chair... with the laundry basket backdrop... nice...

Then I tried to get her crawling... you know an action shot... but she kept crawling AT me... oh well!

Then she'd just stop and look at me... 

So I tried to get behind her ... 

Then we moved on to 10 Month photos... bow switch, sticker switch... check, check! AND she was NOT wanting to stay in the chair... lunge!!

Stay back, Kaki... stay back... gasp, gasp, gasp! No! She was freaking me out... she would do the sudden-lunge forward and there my hand would go!

Then I gave her a little push back and I got her...

Uh oh... I've been pushed backwards and I CANNOT GET UP! Got her!!

Maybe the floor would be better... but off came the bow... bow ties are in though, right?!

This one ended up being pretty darn cute... my tenacious little Kaki!

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