Thursday, May 3, 2012

40 Picture Update... Ready...Set...Go

Well, it's no secret I am BEHIND in my blogging. I am almost so far behind that I thought about just throwing in the towel all together... BUT instead of doing that, because wow that is a WEE bit dramatic... I decided to do a picture/event/blog post DUMP. Not my favorite way to do things but if parenthood teaches you one thing it's that you've got to do what works... and this works... for me! :)

Once again I am still not accustomed to the new way blogger is uploading the pics so I am not sure how the order is going to go so hang in there... we might be skipping around a bunch.

First up... Easter in Abilene! There are LOTS of pics from this weekend that I haven't seen yet, like a few with my kids and the Easter bunny, one in tears and the other trying to pull his glasses off... can you guess who is who? Yep, you're right!

Cy and Caden had the best time playing baseball with each other. I think they were both hot, sweaty, stinky boys 99.9% of our trip! And we were LOVING watching them play together. It made my heart swell with good memories to think of these two building such a special friendship! I love it!

Cy's Nana and Caden's KK were awesome and took the boys to a REAL baseball field to play some ball... they even taught them all about dugouts! I think it is safe to say they had a blast!!

Fun at the park...

Like I said... I am missing pictures because in true form I decided to let EVERYONE ELSE take the pictures in hopes they'd shoot me a few of their favorites... I tend to be a bit lazy in this department! 

But the few I did get are pretty sweet... hunting eggs after church on Easter morning... 

Albi was no doubt patrolling the pool boundaries... didn't want any floatin' bunnies!

See anymore???!

I LOVE THIS PIC OF Kaki and her Daddy... ever the servant... carrying her bucket for her eggs! Sweetness!

Caden still on the prowl... that Easter Bunny was thorough!

Before we ate brunch with the rest of the fam we decided to snap a few pics... attempt...

Sweet brother and sister in their matching green and white... with a touch of pink of course! As soon as I steal a few pics from the rest of the crew I'll try to get them posted... oh heck, who am I kidding... I probably won't, so let me just say for the record that Easter was a treasured blessing for the books. We celebrated three new babies, all healthy and happy and enjoying their first Easter! Our family is grateful... all the way around and up and down! Truly!

Next up... some random "I like Kaki's outfit today pics" 

Can you stand the cuteness? Flowers... 

Oh and Caden had green day... and of course I let him rock his green-topped boots for the occasion!

One day we had a fun Mommy/Kiddo date that started with breakfast at McDonalds... yum! And sticky... syrup and I are so love/hate.

Then we went to this new park in town that just opened... it was AWESOME! We had the best time. Caden explored the entire place and Kaki and I did our best to keep up...

Kaki loves to swing...

Earlier this Spring I let Kaki have her first popsicle... Caden LOVES popsicles and thinks they are just about the best after-nap snack on the planet... we had to share the love!

Not a huge fan... cold...sour... not so much... got Cheerios?!

Nothing better than the underwear duo at the sand and water table... love those two!

Easter Egg hunt at school... HOP, HOP... no doubt Caden picked the PINK bunny ears!

Messy house and CUTE dude in shades!

And dudett... sah-weet!!!

Happy girl in her high chair... 

And in her swing...

On our way through Houston on the way to the beach... lots of on the ways there... we ate at a yummy restaurant with Kk and Albi that had a fun fountain outside... we let Caden go for it after dinner. Think it was the most fun he's ever had in public... seriously!

So wet!! And HAPPY!

The other day I was cleaning out jewelry boxes and found this necklace of Justin's... Caden wanted to try it on ... HILARIOUS! Kind of looks like the Godfather or a 1980s rapper or something... 

Last weekend we celebrated the start of a new week with a fam date night... on the patio... sweet Lou Lou and I... hard to pose with that girl... she'll make anything look bad she's so stinkin' sweet!

Cute dress she wore the other day... I have LOTS of pictures like this in my phone! Girlfriend has SO MANY CLOTHES that I feel like I need to capture a pic of every single outfit... it may be a one and doner you know?! She's not slowing down in the growing department!

My attempt at putting a REAL BIG GIRL bow in her hair... eh? Not so much... need a bit more hair and I can't help but just love that girl bow-less... 

Kaki-pants is a PLAYER not to be confused with a PLAYA'... she loves to play with her toys... she is always on the move... never sits still... I think she may be giving me WAY more than I had ever imagined she would... lil stinker! :)

Through the door... she loves this toy... and so does Caden! :)

Sweetest girl EVER napping today... 

Grocery buddy... it was CRAZY at the store today... I am not sure what the deal was but everyone was there with HUGE carts... Cinco de Mayo? Hurricane coming? I don't know but WOW!

Caden had his Spring program today... so sweet and handsome! He and his classmates did a great job! I could tell they have been working so hard! :)

Little stick song action... so cute!

And 40! There you have it... I am hoping to get a post all about out little Kaki up soon. She is 10 months now... I've missed two monthly posts... the horror!! How do I sleep at night right?!

Hope every one is having a GREAT week! Tomorrow is Friday... whoo whoo for the weekend!! 

Love y'all!

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Love those kiddos! They are growing way too fast! Can't wait to see them on Saturday!