Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where we've been...Long story short

We have had a tough few weeks at the Cox house... and at this point I think we can say that we are sick and tired of having sick and tired kiddos! Thankfully, Justin and I have been spared this time around unlike in December when each one of us seemed to have our own version of whatever cold virus we were passing around.

Poor Caden has been through it! He started with a double ear infection two weeks ago now, that we didn't treat with antibiotics per his pedi's suggestion. Last year he was on an antibiotic from October to April... almost straight... and this is no exaggeration. So with the upcoming cold and flu season we were hoping to avoid excessive antibiotic use and instead be able to weather the infections the best we could without the help of any medicine. Apparently, when kids reach 3 they are more able to handle these things on their own. So we went with it.

The next week for him was tough... he was battling a nasty cold which gave him the infection to begin with and was also seeming to be a bit uncomfortable with some ear pain, BUT he was seemingly getting a bit better and was able to return to school last Thursday.


Then a series of events that included waking up in vomit, high fever, pain and NASTY ear drainage led to the diagnosis of a ruptured eardrum by Monday morning.

Apparently, that untreated ear infection led to a REALLY BAD infection and a ruptured eardrum... FAIL! Live and learn, my friends... live and learn. So two antibiotics later he was doing better...

And then yesterday we got a call from the ENT we saw on Monday saying that Caden's cultures from his ear fluid had come back and one of the bacteria was resistant to his current antibiotics that we had already been on for 4 days. So they called in a new and stronger antibiotics that he will now get to take for 10 days! POOR THING!! So when we first tried to avoid antibiotic use that would have been a 7-10 days treatment has now involved three different antibiotics over the course of 14 days... go figure! :)

We follow up with our ENT again on Wednesday, 8th to talk about our options... which have been proposed as another set of tubes and adenoid removal... :( BUT I can honestly say that after the ruptured eardrum mess I am MUCH more open to talking about surgery than I once was. It has been so sad watching my lil man be so miserable. AND to top it off the kid cannot hear well AT ALL! Justin and I are praying that this is just temporary and that all will return to normal once the infection clears up.

So what about Kaki??!!

Well sweet Kaki caught the nasty cold Caden had too. She was super snotty and congested... much worse than she had been with her first cold in December. She was a sad little snot ball when she tried to eat, but overall was doing well UNTIL... day 10... yep, on day 10 she developed a fever... a pretty high one. I, of course, was concerned since this was her first official fever... SO I took her to the doctor to get checked out.

NOTHING! They tested her for RSV just to be safe but that was negative... so we just chalked it up to a run of the mill cold virus... she had a fever for 5 days straight and then on Wednesday it was gone... just like that! Weird!

Now if we can just help her get one of those pesky teeth she's working on to push on through we'll be VERY grateful! And I know she would be too... teething for Kaki has been much harder than it ever was with Caden... and I'm not sure what I can do to help?!?!

So sorry for the delay in all of my posting... Kaki is going to be 7.5 months before I get her post up! I've been waiting to take her pictures until she isn't snotty anymore... BUT this time of year that may just be impossible! :)

Throw in a heavy dose of the terrible threes with all of the sickness and you can see that we've had a lot of excitement around here lately... although we have not be overly excited about any of it, I can assure you! :)

But nonetheless we are grateful for two overall healthy and happy kiddos and the grace of God to keep Justin and I healthy and strong during the midst of it so we could take care of our little loves! AND we are also thankful that God always seems to send KK just when we need her... although that hasn't seemed to work out very well for her as she took a piece of Caden and Kaki home with her that she wouldn't soon forget... sorry for giving you the snots KK... as always, we appreciate you taking one (or TWO, or three) for the team!

Happy Friday y'all!!


KK said...

As much as I don't like to be sick being with those kids more than makes up for it! Here's to a better stretch for you guys.

Melissa said...

This season is rough! Hope you guys are feeling better this week!