Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Happy Belated Memorial Day to everyone! Kind of weird to say "happy" Memorial Day isn't it?! Such a bittersweet day for so many people. I am so thankful to all of the service men and women both now and those who have come before us and for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make on our behalf! I know some people say they are just "geared" that way, but I honestly can't imagine it... and because of that I am beyond grateful to those serving and to the brave families left behind... the sacrifices you make are not lost on us who get to enjoy our husbands and children daily... thank you!

(Sorry for the delay... I just couldn't seem to write a Memorial Day post without that... it's kind of like writing a restaurant review and not mentioning the Chef!)

Yesterday, we had a pretty low key day... but low key days sometimes turn into some of the most MEMORABLE ones don't they?! I love days spent with no agenda or to-do list... just time with me and my boys!

Of course, I did spend an hour or so away from my boys on Monday morning when they SO GRACIOUSLY went to the store to get us prepared for the week. It was a dude date of sorts, but I know it was no where near the fun they normally get to partake in... but I am thankful that they changed their plans to help a sore, waddle-y Momma out! :)

While they were gone I finished up a sewing project for Kaki's room and did a little work on some letters for Kaki and Caden's bathroom...

Here is a sneak peak of Kaki's room... I know so many of you are anxiously awaiting the final product!! Hang in there with me... it's coming! But for now... this will give you a sweet taste of her perfectly pink and a bit of blue room! :)

And the letters that will hang over Caden and Kaki's respective towel racks in their bathroom! :)

After all of my crafty fun and the boys' trip to the store we were all ready for a little break! Well... C and I were... our sweet Daddy kept plugging away at some chores around the house! God bless that man!! :)

Caden and I were watching some Elmo together on the couch... I couldn't help but snap a picture of his cute little leg crossed over the other... he looked so old and so little all at the same time! Melt my heart!!

After a little break we decided to de-baby Caden's tricycle and let him take a whirl around the driveway! He still hasn't quite got the concept but he's working on it! Bless his heart and his short little legs... they don't help! :)

Daddy was also gearing up for a bike ride that afternoon while Caden napped... so he got out his gear which Caden thought he'd try on for size...

And since he was already dawning his protective gear... why not go for a quick spin on Daddy's bike?!
He looks SO little up on that big bike!! And sadly... the helmet wasn't ALL that much too big!!

After Caden's nap we loaded up and headed out for a Memorial Day snow cone... one of the BEST ways I know to kick off the summer!! The line was CRAZY... we waited nearly 30 minutes for our goodness, but it was WORTH IT! And so nice on a HOT day!! Caden shared Mommy's Coconut snow cone...

And Daddy's Tiger's Blood... he liked both... no surprise there!

For dinner we grilled out in the backyard and played in the sprinkler... and topped off our super fun and memorable Birthday/Memorial Day weekend with a YUMMY dinner and relaxing night at home!

Thankful for days like these...


KK said...

He really has aged in the last few months! Such a sweet big boy!

Cori said...

What a fun family day! Love how the letters turned out!

the G Rowes said...
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the G Rowes said...

Yay! Love kaki's room! Those colors are gorgeous so soft and pretty! Love you letters too super cute! Caden is just adorable in all your recent pics , such a sweet boy!