Sunday, May 22, 2011

L.O.V.E. My MOPS Table!!

Last Monday was my last official MOPS meeting of the year. I cannot believe it has been an entire year!! Where did it go?! Our MOPS group only meets once a month and with the few months that we missed due to Caden's sickie, it didn't take long for those meetings to start dwindling away! I was so sad that my time with my wonderful MOPS table was coming to an end! While I will be excited to meet new people and build new relationships next year, I kind of want to just sit and stay awhile at my current table! :)

Our last meeting was a lot of fun... super laid back, no speaker... just a lot of fun and games and time to chat... AND thanks to my sweet MOPS ladies... a time to celebrate Kaki-pants! They surprised me with gifts, a cake and all sorts of wisdom and encouragement to prepare me for life as a Mommy of two! The rest of them have already crossed over the one kid barrier and and some have even kept going... THREE KIDS!! SO of course I was ALL EARS to what they have had to say and share all year! I have taken my notes and I know their numbers... so I feel as prepared as I can be! :)

I am having a REALLY hard time posting these next few pictures, BUT that is HOW MUCH I love my MOPS girls... I wanted to give them proper props for the cuteness they showered me with DESPITE the unfortunate pictures of me and my chins!! YIKES!!

My Mentor Mom Patty treated us to the YUMMIEST bundt cake with cream cheese frosting... oh my goodness it was GOOD! If you haven't tried the deliciousness of Nothing Bundt Cakes I suggest you head (SPRINT) over and grab yourself a one!! And they are so pretty...

Opening all of my loot... Kaki got TWO of her first tutu-type outfits... I was so excited!! :) AND she got something that wasn't pink... it's black and white and PRECIOUS!! Of course you KNOW I was still lovin' all of the pink, BUT it was kind of fun to shake it up a bit!!

After the meeting we decided to take an end of the year picture of our group... some have left us and some of joined us, but overall we stayed pretty true to our roots!! Can you find our Mentor Mom?? People always asked us who our Mentor Mom was because from the looks of our table, no one could ever figure out who was who... Patty is one young and hip Mentor Mom... and we LOVE her!! (oh and Patty is on the far left in the yellow... told you she is young and hip!!)

A little comparison from the beginning of the year... before Kaki joined the group! :)

What a FUN year we've had as a table! Patty and April, our leaders have worked so hard to make us feel welcomed, encouraged and loved this year... I will miss my Monday mornings with my MOPS girls!! There is nothing like girl time... can't wait for Kaki to experience these types of relationships for herself... they are oh so special!!

Thanks sweet friends for the Kaki-party!! :)


Cori said...

What a sweet surprise! Sounds like a great group of friends...what a blessing!

Shelly said...

You look beautiful! Kaki's arrival is coming so soon; so exciting! :)