Monday, August 23, 2010


I finally managed to get another theme day together. Last week was the first week in MONTHS that we were not traveling or curled up on the couch being sickies so I had some time to scheme up a little learning fun for Chadorade (like's my latest nickname... it's a sickness, it really is! Poor child!).

So, last Friday was COLOR DAY in the Cox house. I had a lot of fun preparing for this one. I will say that Color Day was not nearly as successful as Animal Day, but I knew this might be the case...colors are tough stuff! A few of the activities I planned were a COMPLETE bust, but at least they introduced him to the concept of colors and I can continue to use them as he gets older and more able to grasp this idea! :) I'm no teacher... so I'm doing the best I can! :)

I had been "talking up" color day ALL week to Caden! Caden, do you know what Friday is???!! COLOR DAY!!! And of course because I was excited, he was excited... :) So Friday morning when I went and got him out of his crib we had our offcial "start of Color Day celebration" with a few jumps up and down and a high-five or two!

First thing we did was make some GREEN EGGS and Ham. We didn't actually eat green ham or ham at all for that matter. Since we didn't have green ham we decided to have green milk with our eggs! :) Don't those look yummy??!! I had my Lysol ready to go for any egg spillage! :)

While Caden dined on some YUMMY and SUPER HARD green eggs we read GREEN EGGS and Ham, of course!

He was REALLY excited to eat those eggs!! I think he likes green eggs better than regular eggs!


Then we did some more practice with GREEN and read More Mr. and Mrs. Green and looked at our GREEN color sheet!

We didn't have too much time to spend on GREEN because RED was waiting... we had an outdoor activity that we HAD to get in before the 120 degrees set in! :)

Caden and I went on a RED stop sign hunt in our RED wagon! I made Caden a make-shift stop sign so that he would know what to be on the lookout for...

He was PUMPED up about this and I am patting myself on the back because COLOR DAY is off to such a fantastic start... (don't hold your breath is what I really should have been saying though!)


Look what we found... a RED stop sign!

And another RED stop sign...

And ANOTHER RED stop sign...

And then we found the park... so we stopped and played! The weather was uncharacteristically cool that morning so I couldn't resist! :)

After our RED stop sign hunt and our trip to the park we sat down and TRIED to play our first "color game" with our color sheets. It was a flash card game I came up with. He was supposed to place whatever color flashcard on the color sheet it matched...

But it turned into 52-card pick-up instead... hahaha... he was SO not interested in sitting down and playing a game... I should have known better! BUT I thought I'd try... in time, in time!

So we were RAPIDLY speeding through my list of activities so we moved onto finger painting... which sounds like it would be SO FUN, BUT not so for a kid who puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!! As it turns out PAINT doesn't taste so good... at least not to Caden. So then the icky paint became toxic all the way around and he wanted nothing to do with it. After a bit of convincing I got him to take interest in painting for .2 seconds using a paint brush! :)

OH NO! It's on my finger... I usually just lick things off my fingers but this stuff tastes like GARBAGE... HELP! Oh dear!

So he's no Picasso... :)

Next Color Day activity was all about BLUE! We got dressed in our BLUE swim trunks, our BLUE rash guard and our BLUE shoes to go to the BLUE pool, with our BLUE bucket and our BLUE floaties and splash in the BLUE water!

Mission Blue was a SUCCESS!! DUH!

Then it was time for our RED lunch! YUMM-O!

Before nap time we read several new books we checked out at the library to help us with our Color Day. We read Black Dog, Red House and Brown Bunny.

While Caden was napping I set up another Color Day activity that included FOOD... so I KNEW it would be a HUGE success!! Right??!! WRONG!! We got through a few flash cards before he got impatient with the "one-at-a-time" thing and just started grabbing handfuls from whatever glass he could reach and putting them all in one cup... SO I decided what the heck... let's just eat M&Ms and read what God has to say about colors... and how He used them to create the most beautiful promise... a rainbow! :)

AND that was Color Day... we won some, and we lost some, but such is life with a 19 month old, huh?! Regardless, we still had a fun day learning about COLORS!!!

Hopefully, more theme days to come soon...


Molly said...

Your such a fun Mom! You inspire me! I need to do something like that. My boys would love it!

Melissa said...

oh my you are such an amazing mama!!! i need to learn from you! looks like the color theme day was lots of fun for all!