Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dude Date!

Caden's dad here...yes, shocking I know. This is my first blog since November 2008 when I first blogged about my travels to Seattle and running the San Antonio half-marathon. Based on the blog below, I felt it necessary for me to report the events of the day around the Cox house.

So this weekend has been circled on the calendar for a few weeks now...not because there was some big event or vacation for us to attend, but for the fact that we had NOTHING to do or NOWHERE to be. Since the past 6 weeks have been non-stop excitement for us, we were all very anxious to have a Cox family weekend around the Rock.

Earlier this week, I realized that Caden and I hadn't had any dude time in a while, so I told Katie that Saturday would be "Dude Day" and she could go do whatever she wanted....didn't matter what she did, she just couldn't be with us dudes! Poor Katie...she was so sad, her boys gave her the boot and told her to go was out of love, of course. Once she figured out what she wanted to do, she was also very excited for the weekend.

Katie decided to go to the 10:30 showing of Eat, Pray, Love in Georgetown. Now, in normal towns, you would think a theatre at 10:30 in the morning would be a ghost-town. Well, that was certainly not the case for Katie....oh no, not in Georgetown. For those that don't know, G-town is home to waaayyyy too many grey-hairs. G-town is the #1 retirement spot in the US and you can't go anywhere without running into someone over the age of 65. The grey-hairs are all over the place! So at 10:30 on Saturday morning in the G-town theatre, it was almost a full-house! They can't resist going to the early movie so they can get the early bird rate...also so that they don't interrupt their afternoon nap time.

Okay....enough about Katie and her solo movie date where she was the only one who was born on this side of 1950....on to the good stuff...dude day!

First stop....gas station and dude car wash. Mommy's car hadn't had a bath in a couple of weeks so the Chade and I decided to top Tilly off with some gasoline and a good 'ol fashioned rinse. Caden loves the car wash at Exxon next to's one of the long ones with the colorful foam and you get to stay in the car. He always watches out the window and points.

Here we are entering the wash...

Here's the Chade pointing at the big brush as it goes down the side of Tilly.

Next stop...Red Box. As Katie has mentioned before...we love Red Box. It's always a great go-to for a date night once the Chade is in bed and a glass of wine in hand. This week's flick....When In Rome...nothing like a good rom-com to watch with the wifey!

Next stop...Quenan's jewelry store on the square in G-town. My watch battery died a few weeks ago and it was time to be replaced.

Up next....daddy's office. I had a little work that I was not able to get done last night due to a server re-boot. We were there about 45 minutes. The first 30 were great...very productive and Chade entertained himself with random things in my office. The last 15...well that's another story. I'm kind of concerned with the quality of work that was done in that last stretch due to Caden being sooo ready to go. Oh well, if I missed something....I'll blame it on Caden...Jimmy can't get mad at him, right?!
Chade wanted to review some of my budgets to make sure I wasn't missing anything....

Now to the most important stop of the day....lunch! On the menu...dude nuggets and dude fries and Chick-fil-a! Caden loves dude nuggets and dude fries....and the best part....the ketchup to dip them in!
Notice the Rangers jersey the Chade is sportin' of the guys behind the counter asked if I saw the game last night and we talked about how AWESOME they are playing right now! If you haven't been's never too late....they are playing great baseball and Josh Hamilton is the best player in the league right now.
Okay, I'm off my Rangers soap-box...on with the rest of dude day.

After lunch...onto the ultimate dude store...Academy! We were in search of a new Cowboys jersey for the upcoming season! Can I get a whoo whoo for football season being just a few short weeks away?! Whoo whoo!! Last year, Chade wore his Romo onesie every Sunday and brought great luck to the 'Boys. Although they didn't make it to the Super Bowl last was great to see them take the step of winning a playoff game. This year looks even more promising....with the exciting possibility of playing a "home game" for the Super Bowl at Jerry World. We had no luck finding the Chade a jersey for the year....but we'll find one soon elsewhere.

Last stop....Starbucks! Caden had been such a good boy and great helper today...I wanted to get him a treat to end our dude date! The Chade loves coffee in the morning, so I figured it was time to introduce him to dad's favorite chip! And to no surprise....the Chade loved it! We downed us a tall frap before heading back to the house!

Oh yeah....can't forget about the chocolate chunk cookie we had as well....

So there you have it....our dude date was over! What a blast we had this morning....without mommy. I do have to say....when we walked out the door, Katie was still in the kitchen and Caden cried when he realized he was leaving her. BUT, he immediately stopped once the car was moving and I turned on his tunes.
Now I must get the chicken on the the family dinner...and then movie date night on the couch with the wifey!!
Great day in the Rock with the Cox boy's! Hope everyone had a great Saturday!


KK said...

Great post dude!! Looks like you all had a fun day. And good job on taking lots of pics!

Cori said...

Love it! So jealous of your dude date...looks like you had so much fun! Love you all!