Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 8 Months Sweet Boy!

I know, I know... it's already time for ANOTHER birthday post! I can't believe it either. 8 months! Are you kidding me?! But it's true... it's that time in Texas! Happy Birthday Cade-man!

You've been up to SO much this month... 
  • You grew two teeth! Your bottom two!
  • I only nurse you three times a day, not four, or five, or six, or eight!! 
  • You eat three solid meals and a snack! 
  • You are going to bed much earlier these days... around 7:30 each night. You wake up between 7 and 7:30 on most days! Still taking two naps each day as well! Yay Caden!
  • You started to eat Cheerios this month and LOVE them... and so does your digestive system!
  • You are still full on bear crawling but are getting closer to the "real" crawl everyday!
  • You can go from laying down to sitting up now... what a surprise that was one day after nap time...there you were sitting up like a big boy!
  • You love your walker... you move and groove all over this house! 
  • You love to swing and are super excited about your new backyard swing.
  • You have decided that talking isn't really your thing... when you feel like it you are super chatty and then other days you are Silent Sam. Today you are SUPER chatty... in honor of your birthday no doubt!
  • You are the greatest dinner companion and have proved yourself to be a champ during long dinners a few different times this month!
  • You love your Daddy so very much and get so excited when you hear his voice over the phone when he calls to say he's coming home! Yay!
  • You are still enjoying your Praise Baby DVDs which is a nice treat for mommy every once in awhile!
  • You fell off the bed for the first and hopefully last time this month... thanks to yours truly... mother of the year! It was WAY more traumatic for mommy than for you thank goodness! It REALLY does take only seconds... and to think I thought there was no way that would ever happen to me... only bad moms let that happen I used to think... well then, Hi my name is Bad Mom, what's your name?
  • You still love that stinkin' passy... still boggles our minds that it took you 6 months to enjoy it!
  • You LOVE to read and are a great help at turning the pages! It's also fun to "pat" the pictures on each page!
  • You love to eat and will be moving on to finger foods much sooner than we would have ever thought! You're ready to eat the good stuff! :)
  • One thing hasn't changed at all though... HOW MUCH YOUR DADDY AND I LOVE YOU!! To the moon and back and then some!
Happy Happy 8 Months Lil Man!

And with each passing month comes a fun birthday photo shoot...

Today I braved our first outdoor photo shoot... just me and the Cade-man and the passing school buses, construction trucks and other distractions! Not many smiles or even shots of him looking at the camera... BUT we tried! 


The worm pic!


Cori said...

Where has the time gone?!? I can't believe he is 8 months! What a cute little boy! :)

KK said...

Albi says he knows he is biased but he really is such a pretty pretty boy! And looks like his mama!

Stephanie said...

i can't wait to get my hands on this cutie.
btw...so not a bad mom. dylan fell off the bed twice and ended up with some pretty solid bruises to prove it. i'm just impressed that you avoided it until caden was a big 8 month old; dylan was only 5 1/2 months when he fell off. good thing these little guys are padded, they can survive our mommy mess-ups.
love you and can't WAIT to see you and your men.

ALittleArtsy said...

unreal cute! love y'all!!!!