Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nana and Bop Visit The New Digs

For shame, Katie!

For shame!

I have NO pictures ... well, not NO, but hardly ANY pictures from Nana and Bop's first visit to our new place. They came and went and we had a great time, but my photo taking didn't keep up.

Kaki was READY for a fun weekend!

She was accessorized for nearly anything we had coming...

And thankfully, Hello Kitty was along for the ride...

Beats to her own drum... I've said it million times and I'll say it one million more (this month!). She is a character! And a girl who understands the power of the "add-on!"

Nana and Bop arrived in Georgetown in just enough time to head to Caden's soccer game! We were all sportin' our red... Go TEAM RED!! 

The Kakster was ready to cheer on her big bro!!

It was a beautiful day for soccer! We had a great time watching Caden play and I of course loved hearing Nana and Bop make their many comparisons between Caden and his Daddy. They are certainly the apple and the tree when it comes to their sports and I can only imagine what a fun flashback that was for them!

After the soccer game we came back to the hour to enjoy the nice weather on the back patio with some choice foods and beverages! 

We didn't eat too much though because we had a big night out planned at one of our very favorite restaurants which also happens to be local... that hardly ever happens!! :)

We took Nana and Bop out on the town and had quite a wait ahead of us but we enjoyed the patio and the scenery...

And enjoyed Kaki playing in the rocks...

As her KK said recently, "She doesn't have the best hygiene!"

Which is oh so true and not from my lack of trying I can assure you! I am constantly saying, "Stop touching your shoes, don't put your shoe in your mouth. Get your fingers out of your nose... your mouth... the dirt... the fountains... the trashcan... etc." She LOVES collecting... rocks, flowers, stickers... trash... you name it... she collects it! 

Her brother would just assume not ever have a stitch of mud, marker, dirt, etc on him at any time... but Kaki... the dirtier the better!

But we love her and her dirt! :)

After dinner we came back to the house to relax and hang out!

Nana and Bop got to shack up in Kaki's room and Kaki and Caden got to have a slumber party. While we miss our extra space, having tighter quarters does allow for some fun! :)

We were so thankful Nana and Bop got to come and stay the weekend with us in our new home and that we got to take them to one of our favorite local spots! We don't get these opportunities to entertain them in our home near enough!

Come back soon!

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