Sunday, September 15, 2013

REWIND: Cox Beach Trip 2013

I mean it's pathetic... In JULY we went on our annual Cox Family Beach Trip, but in SEPTEMBER (ahem, the middle of September) I am blogging about it! :) And 73 pictures uploaded later I'm ready...

But with 73 pictures what else do I want to remember?

Beach Keepsakes...

Kaki did NOT like seaweed, point taken... over and over again. Still, in September... when we mention the beach she says, "Kaki NO LIKE seaweed!" Got it!

Caden LOVES the ocean... everything about it.

Kaki got to where she LOVED the ocean and that made me a bundle of nerves at times!! She was a bit too brave and FAST by the end of our trip!

Graham LOVED the sand, the seaweed, the ocean... life! He was a happy guy!

We played Apples to Apples at night... it was fun, until Bop kept winning! :)

We played putt-putt for the first time... a new tradition was born.

We did Snoopy's and Scoopy's... and in that order. Bop, Nana, Ree Ree and G-Dawg got to do it twice.

The house had a HUGE fish on the wall... we still talk about it.

And it had bunk beds... Caden still wants some.

We got beach carts for the first time... golf carts on beach-flavored-steroids... super fun! The kids especially liked them.

Caden bought a $.99 shark tooth necklace... it lasted about as long as you'd expect $.99 to. But he loved it.

Teen Beach Movie premiered the Friday night we were at the beach... we all watched it... but only Bop, Nana and I made it to the end with Caden. The rest of the crew took to the porch... I have no idea why... TBM is quality TV! We have since watched it at least 150 times and own the soundtrack to which we sing EVERY word from EVERY song... and we're still not tired of it!

I just asked Justin to help me fill in some beach memories... he said, "From Port A? (is he dogging my blogging laziness) Holy cow... I've got nothin'!" Thanks for the help! And the memories, apparently! :)

We had lots of mac n cheese and oreos... like I think we went through three packages of double stuffed throughout the week... yum!

I tried some new castle building techniques that I learned from the Daytripper... they worked... sort of! 

We had lots of fun...

Lots of laughs...

Soaked in lots of sun...

We are so thankful to Nana and Bop for taking our crazy (and getting crazier) crew to the beach with you every year! We look forward to our time together in Port A! Here's to another successful year!! Thank you!!!

And now for the pics!!


KK said...

Lots of great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Cori said...

Such good memories! I'm ready for Port A 2014!

Sharla Cox said...

This was another fun trip!