Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Week of Whit

Well, it finally happened... my little brother became a Daddy... to a two-legged! There was a time were I had resigned myself to the fact that the Evans-offspring would be furry, slobbery dogs! And I was okay with that, especially since my dog-nephew is very near human, but in my heart of hearts I was wishing for a baby... an Evans baby and a boy to carry on the heritage of a family I am very proud, blessed and honored to come from. 

And it happened!

The Lord blessed our Evans nest with a baby boy named, Whitaker Wright Evans, affectionately and adorably called Whit, on September 19th, 2013 at 7:30am.

MY nest and I were excited to caravan with Kk to Nacogdoches the night before so we could be there for the big day. 

And here he is... my little bro... with his little man... 

He was perfectly healthy in every way! And his brave Mama was too! And for both of those things we were supremely grateful! Like sobbing tears of joy type thankful! :)

Oh... isn't he cute!!! Makes you hurt, doesn't it?!

The pictures are kind of out of order...

We got to stand at the nursery window in the hospital and watch them do all of their magic with Whit. His measurements, his bath, his vitals... we just all stood at the window and adored him! It was awesome!

After he got all cleaned up he put on his blue stripes and white hat and we swooned all over again! :)

The line-up from the window...

Me doing my... I'm crying and I'm trying to stop face... bless my heart, I look like my Dad! 

But not this guy... he looks like his Mama! :)

Sweet boy...

Those lips...

Daddy!! Happy guy!!

The line-up again...

Whit's biggest/littlest fans... his cousins!! :)


This is one of my favorite pics (besides the ones of Whit, naturally) Kaki and Albi are making the exact same face and expression... no clue what they are looking at but it's priceless! I love it so!! FRAMER!!


Some great-grandparents sharing in the joy!

After the morning excitement calmed down, I got to back and hold my nephew for the first time... AWESOME!! He talked to me and I was so happy to listen!! :)

Thank you to whoever took these pics... love them!

The rest are text Whit pics which I anxiously await everyday!

KK and Whitters...

KK-hood suits her complexion! Beautiful!

The dad... looks like old hat.

And then in a blink of an eye it was time for Whit to go home and see his digs!

And play football???!! 

And anticipate the arrival of the Cox Circus yet again! That's right... we left and came back... 

We were so excited for Justin to meet Whit and for the kids to get to see him from outside the window! We could not wait! And we got an extra blessing of seeing Kk and Cousin Chatty too!! It was so fun! We missed our Albi though.... he was at home with the plague that Josh spread the week before... at least he didn't spread it to Mama and baby!! :) We missed you Albi!! :( :(

Whit snuggles...with Uncle J... priceless!

And the Chade-man was stoked to see his super cute cousin again! He can't get over his blond hair!! He thinks that is super cool since he has the same color hair! :)

Checking it out...

Kaki... she loves her some babies...

This is a gem Justin caught on his phone... so sweet... the cuzzies!!

I played comb the hair with Whit... doesn't he look dapper??!! :)

Clearly he's a fan!



Profile??!! Make sure you brush that side! (Of course he's taken with Chatty... all babies are... they love a pretty girl!!!)

Got it?

Say what? I look like my KK?! 

Some people think so...

If I do I'd smile about it... :)


Aunt Katie snuggles!

Skinny legs... this little man is LONG AND LEAN!! Not sure where he gets that... :) :) :) Albi???

In love...

Sweet faces ever...



He's got this... he's already a big cousin... :)

Whit's sweet Mama!

A Mama in the making...

Sweet Lou!



Caden said we needed a baby like that...

Random snaps...

First fam of three pic?? Or one that I've seen!! :) :) :) Don't they look bright-eyed and bushy tailed?! 

Happy Dad!

Whit indulged us... well, his Mommy and Daddy did to get a few cousins photos... Whit was SO bored!! :)

I took about 20 and got ONE... VICTORY!!

This morning we had to hit the road just after breakfast but we took one last shot at some snuggles!

Those hands... NBA!!

We already miss our sweet Whit and can't wait to snuggle with him again soon! In the meantime I'll pass along any text pics I get!! :) You are welcome, Grandmother and Aunt Kay!!! :) :) :)

Welcome to this world Whit!! I wished it weren't so crazy, but am thankful God blessed you with the family he did. You are loved by so many including us Coxes! :) 

Happy Week 1, Whit!!


KK said...

Aww w. loved the post. Some sweet sweet pics and sweet bonding time for the cousins. Love you Cox fam!!

Emily and Josh said...

It has been so much fun welcoming Whit to this world with you guys! Love you all SO much!!