Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break... FUN!

Phew... Spring Break went as fast as it came. I guess time really does FLY when you're having the MOST fun! I love weeks with no schedules, no school, no lunches, no commitments... even as a mom with two small children who aren't in "real" school yet I LOVE Spring Break... it's a nice taste of summer and the weather is usually JUST right! :)

We were really blessed this year with some fantastic SPRING weather! We started out a little on the chilly side but it warmed up quickly and had us all sportin' our favorite pair of shorts! And we even broke out the sunscreen... and is there anything better than the smell of sunscreen? No, way!

So Monday we started off our Spring Break in style... 

With a trip to the Dollar Tree for 3, $1 items a piece... partially as a "YAY it's Spring Break" treat but also as a, "Hey we have to sit at Jiffy Lube and get our oiled changed" bribe! Either way they were pumped and it worked! And we met a lovely couple about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in the lobby and it just about made our day! So as it turns out we may not have needed the toys but they did work as great conversations starters! :)

I am rambling, but that particular memory and that particular couple I want to remember... for always! :) Especially how they still managed to make each other laugh after 50 years of marriage... even if it was because he had left his teeth at home! :) Mercy! 

Later that afternoon Caden and I went to work on one of his surprises... a 100 piece Batman puzzle... I didn't think 100 piece sounded too bad, but BOY... I need to go to puzzle school because we almost didn't finish it in time for Kaki to be up from her nap... we were down to the wire and I had a very anxious fan cheering me on. His words of encouragement went something like this, "Now, we'll never finish it, Mommy!" He did that every time a piece I tried didn't work! We have got to work on his encouraging skills I think! :)

But alas, we finished and it was FANCY! BUT... Dollar Tree... it DID NOT glow in the dark like it was supposed to! Tisk, tisk! 

We did lots of playing the first few days... before nap, after nap, before dinner, after dinner... you get the idea!

And on Monday night this little guy got to stay up late and have snacks and watch the Biggest Loser with Mommy and Daddy... :) Eat and watch other people lose weight... one of our favorite pastimes!! :)

Tuesday morning was a donut morning... plus we needed to get stocked up for our road trip... nothing says road trip like a bag of donut holes... so we ordered double and went home to get ready for our trip!

In the midst of the few days of play before we hit the road I put the first coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint on my new table... a find of KK's... :) KK has become a chalk paint pro and I'm still learning and have yet to put the second coat on... but it's fun trying out something that seems to be all the rage! :)

Tuesday afternoon Caden found our pile of Christmas books that need to go up into the Christmas box in the attic and he decided to let our sweet Grandmother read The Night Before Christmas to the entire neighborhood... her voice was echoing off our house and we loved it so!! Only thing better would have been to have her there in person!

Wednesday morning came fast and early, but we were excited, energized and ready to head out for our Spring Break road trip. Daddy had to stay home this time, but knew he'd have plenty to keep himself busy while we headed South... and East... to ....



Both holed and sprinkled were necessary! Neck pillows and blankets too!

And Mommy was ready too... I am looking a little pale-faced but don't worry... I wasn't scared! :) Just hadn't put the rest of my face on... aka my lipstick! Getting old...sigh!

Before we headed all the way into Houston we stopped in The Woodlands to see one of my best friends Meli P and baby Anni Kate... she was just one week old and the most precious little bundle of dark hair you've ever seen. Of course I have NOT ONE picture to show for our stop but the memories are still fresh. Caden and Kaki had a great time playing with Carter and Logan and enjoyed the break from the car. LOGAN... oh yes... this was my first time to meet him too... the big 2 year old brother that he is. Precious, just as I imagined him to be, but a bit on the shy side for us... but his Mommy and I both know that Logan and Kaki were just playing nice that day... we know that it wouldn't take much longer before those two would be up to some serious kind of trouble. Carter and Caden were just happy as clams to play t-ball with each other... it was great! I also got to see my sweet friend Rachel!! It was such a fun surprise to see her sitting in the driveway getting in her own snuggles with Anni Kate when we drove in! What a fun way to spend an hour! I only wish we could have stayed longer! We love you Peterson crew and are so excited for the arrival of Anni Kate!! Can't wait to come play again soon!

Once we got to Houston we were anxious to get to Aunt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag's house... although I am sure if you asked Caden and Kaki they would say it was Graham's house, and rightly so! :)

We raced to the backyard and started playing...

Kaki LOVED having a swing... hint, hint Daddy! Get ours up!

After a failed attempt at afternoon naps we decided to head to the park... we took a little stroller and scooter ride to get there and it was fabulous! Look at those three... trouble!! Cousins!

G and Kaki were a pair!

And they're off...

Kaki prefers going up EVERYTHING but not so much down... she's our climber!

Get your motors runnin'...

Swingin' cousins...

Sweet boy...

Busy girl...

Cousin cuddles on the couch... say that three times fast!

It got a little crazy... Kaki thinks G is a baby doll...

This dude got to stay up late and watch the Little Mermaid with Uncle Tag... oh yes they did... two boys and a girly Disney Movie and Uncle Tag knew just about every word! Love it!

Thursday morning we decided to put on our coats of armor and head out to the big city to tackle the zoo on Spring Break... oh yes... yes, we did! AND we managed to get three kids, two mommies and ONE HUGE double stroller all in Aunt Ree Ree's small SUV! We were amazed! And bruised... :)

We made it... the zoo was the hot spot... the weather was gorgeous and the animals were talking!! :)

The zoo really was so crowded but we toughed it out and managed to see most of the animals we were wanting to see...

Even the fake ones... :)

And we rode the carousel... of course!

And ate our lunches...

And were all hot, tired and sweaty by the time we left... 

Which was a good thing because we had another cousin bath to take!!! :)

But of course our sweet Aunt Ree Ree wouldn't let us leave the zoo without some cousin zoo swag... she bought each of them their own special animal! Caden chose a seal, G a lion and Kaki a lioness! Cuties!! Thanks for the treat Aunt Ree Ree (Uncle Tag)!

The next morning we all snuggled in bed with Aunt Ree Ree and G while Uncle Tag got ready to leave for work... such fun memories!

After we ate some breakfast and packed up our stuff it was time to hit the road again... back home to see our Daddy who we had missed so much!! 

We had a fabulous time with Aunt Ree Ree, Uncle Tag and G-Dawg and can't wait to come back and do it again! Playing in the back yard, eating on the patio, walking to the park, braving the zoo, playing in the street after dinner, eating ice cream under the trees, cousins baths, watching the three little crazies build love on each other... it was a great trip!! We are grateful for the time we got to spend together! 

Thanks for hosting us Agnew Crew! We love y'all so much!! Especially that little G!! He's a joy!!

A few pics form our trek home... 

High maintenance traveler... :)

But it got her to do this... which was AWESOME!

When we got home we immediately started on laundry... because we had some special guests coming the next day...

I had a helper... 

The next morning Kaki woke up entirely too early so I tried to put her in bed with me... BUT... she wasn't having it... so we were being silly and decided to take a picture... but neither of us had seen that bright of a light yet... clearly... deer in headlights, much?! :)

Later that morning we had a FUN duo come to town!! We met them at Mighty Fine to kick off our weekend right... Sadly, I only have one picture of our fun, but if this doesn't say it all then I don't know what will...

FAMILY KICKBALL with Martha and Chatty... Team Cox vs. Team Reedy!! :)

My Aunt Martha just turned 50 but to me she'll always be my hip, young 38 year old aunt... :) She clearly can still kick a ball! :) 

We were so excited to have them here to play with us! We did lots of hanging out in the back yard, in the play room and EATING lots of yummy food! There is nothing our family can do without a good meal attached to it... 

Thanks for coming to see us Martha and Chatty... we always love our time with you so much!

Just to make sure we had ALL we could handle on Spring Break, we had a few friends over Sunday night for dinner... we didn't do a St. Patrick's Day theme but I did try to put the kids in their green... just for the heck of it...

Kaki also got some new piggie bows... one for each "fountain!" I love them! :)

I cannot get this silly little booger to sit still ever... but she's still pretty cute anyway!

And this one... he was being equally as silly... but again... cute! :)


It was fun... in the sun... in the car... in the backyard... at the zoo... and around the comforts of our own home! 9 weeks until summer... WHOOO HOOOO!!


Sharla Cox said...

This sounds like a wonderful week!

Cori said...

Such a fun visit with so many memories made! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks for coming to see us!