Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top of the 16th... Month!

Well, this may be a first... a "monthly" post on her actual "monthly" birthday! A-mazing! I am not going to do the WHOLE she-band this post, but I thought I would do a little Happy 16th Month Shout-Out for Kaki by showcasing her t-ball skills for her grandparents (and other adoring fans). She has been picking up lots of tips watching her brother twice a week... it's all we can do to keep her from charging the field... we're thankful she LOVES collecting rocks! But, when we're at home she's decided to give it go and try her hand and her bat at the game! 

PS: I bought her FANCY Baylor Cheerleader outfit at HEB today... yes, that's right, HEB... I couldn't help myself... I bought the smallest size, and it's a little big... and she happens to have a Christmas PJ shirt from her nap today on under it... BUT I think it makes her look all the more rough and tough and baseball worthy! :)

PPS: Please excuse the MESS of an apartment! We are moving in TWO weeks... or 12 days if you ask Justin! So... we are in survival mode until then... your grace is appreciated! :)

Happy 16th Months Sweet Kaki-Pants! We love you to pieces!! 


KK said...

Way to go kaki!!! That is hilarious. Geez lets see a little enthusiasm from her dad!!

Sharla Cox said...

Happy 16th month. Love the cheerleader outfit and her t-ball skills. Softball in the future?

Cori said...

Impressive t-ball skills! It's awfully quiet in the video...where's Caden?!