Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Baseball (Ahem, T-Ball) Game

Saturday, Caden played in his first baseball game... it's actually t-ball but he INSISTS that he does not play t-ball and that he, in fact, plays BASEBALL! So we just go with that... Baseball, it is!

After several weeks of rain and wet fields (of which we are not complaining about) we finally got to play our first game! We have gotten REALLY good a practice, but it was time to see where it was getting us... we were ready for the big game!

Naturally, Caden was ecstatic to play in his first REAL baseball, ahem, t-ball game!

Our of respect for the privacy of his teammates I did my best to crop out any faces of his teammates, so before you start blessin' Caden's heart and his lack of teammates, be assured that he has PLENTY! And he has some GREAT coaches too... one of whom is his sweet Daddy! :) Of course!

I managed to remember to grab my REAL camera on the way out the door yesterday so I went ahead and took advantage and snapped over 100 pictures during the game! Here are a few of my favorites of my lil slugger!!

I run over there next, right, Daddy? 

Caden's got a MEAN ready position! :) 

He didn't do a lot of "fielding" until the last part of the game. Most of the time he just stood there, ready... lookin' like he knew EXACTLY what he was supposed to do! :) He left most of the ball chasing up to the other kids on his team... who ended up in a HUGE dog pile at the end of every batter's turn! :-) 

From second to third... look at that tongue hanging determination!

I think he may be a catcher like his Daddy... he did A LOT of squatting yesterday! :)

Kaki had tickets for the stadium's finest box seating... complete with snacks!

Sighing... or praying... or who knows what... 

Cheering on his team while they were "at bat!"

Chattin' it up with one of his buddies in the field...


Op... he spotted me... there is honestly nothing better than that grin and wave from the field!! I know there will come a time where I won't get such sweet acknowledgement and I will cherish it every time I get it! 

Now if you will all please join me in a moment of silence as we mourn the loss of Caden's youth... his head... that gloriously HUGE head of his, much like his Daddy's did NOT fit in ANY helmet they had available to him, including one of his teammates middle-school-aged brother's. Sigh! We are going to go buy him a special helmet this week... an adult-sized one! His Daddy had to have helmets special ordered for him in high school for the same reason... oh those heads!! :-)

Despite his head and his ill-fitting helmet, Caden was able to push through and hit the ball with all his might!! :) Go, Caden, Go!!

Op... he spotted me again... can you handle it? That boy!! The sweetest ever!

Hangin' on third...

And this one... she's pretty sweet too!! :-) Okay, she's REALLY sweet!!

Some action shots... when he finally decided to help his teammates out in the field!! :)

Waiting to bat...

This is where he got the ball!! After the play was over he yelled, "Mommy, I got the ball!!!" We all laughed! :)

What a fun morning of t-ball, ahem, baseball... :)

Go Hot Rods!!


KK said...

Oh my. I can't get over the sweetness of that face. So many great pictures. So glad you took your camera. And his cheerleader was pretty cute too. Can't wait to see a game in person.

Sharla Cox said...

Great pictures! We are looking very forward to seeing him play. Lots of good times ahead.