Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The News Around These Parts...

Where do I begin...?!

Since we've gotten back FROM the beach our house has been full of sickies...

FIRST UP: Food poisoning! Thanks to some lovely fish tacos that we ate Sunday on our way home from the beach! They put my brother Josh, Justin and I down for the count for a few days. Ick! Ick! And double ick! Thankfully, Caden didn't partake!

NEXT: I came down with what I thought were my ridiculously terrible Austin allergies...come to find out it was a REALLY icky upper respirtory virus which I successfully passed along to Caden which caused him to get the Croup! Way to go, Mommy!

AND as if it isn't bad enough to infect your OWN family, how about a nursery full of kiddos on Sunday? Or a preggo friend and her daughter at a play date TWICE or what about the grandparents who so GRACIOUSLY came in for the weekend to see Caden and to let Justin and I go out for our 6 Year Anniversary??!! BIG FREAKING OOPS!

I knew I wasn't feeling good, but as a Mommy... y'all know how it is... you just tell yourself your fine, it's just allergies... and you keep on keepin' on! You can't lay up on the couch for a week and be sick! Chalk this one up to lessons learned! I doubt I could have protected Caden but all those others??!! Yep, pretty sure I could have!! I'm so sorry!!

So if you wouldn't mind saying a few special prayers for my nursery kiddos, my parents, my friend and her daughter and Justin too, we'd really appreciate it! And Caden and I will take a few prayers if you're offering too... :)

Despite our sickness, Justin and I managed to have a wonderful evening out on Saturday night to celebrate SIX EXCITING YEARS and Caden had the BEST time with his KK and Albi. We have ZERO pictures to share but we'll work on that soon! BUT first I gotta nurse my little man back to health! We've got a vacation coming up! :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Love ya blogworld!


KK said...

I sure hope you both feel better soon. It's no fun being sick and having a sick one too!! Love you.

CaseyWiegand said...

oh no!!! im so sad ab it!!!!! :(

Cori said...

Feel better soon! Lots of prayers being said for all of you! Love ya!