Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caden and The Croup

Day Three with the Croup and I think we're winning!!

This is definitely the sickest Caden has ever been in his little 18-month life. I have never seen anything take the life right out of him like this pesky virus has! It is very surreal to watch a child who normal is always on the go only want to LAY on your lap and sleep or watch videos or read books! It was a little disconcerting for both Justin and I the first day to see Caden like this. I know it is normal and it won't be the last time, but the first time we do anything tough is always the HARDEST, isn't it? It's hard to watch and with the Croup it is even harder to LISTEN! The sound is just plain scary!!

So the first two days pretty much looked like this...

BUT, today Caden has sparked a little bit of extra energy and is looking, acting and sounding a little more like his old self. We're still working on getting that fever to come and stay down without the help of tylenol... we're getting closer each day!

I'm not so sure Caden knows what to make of the way he feels. He knows he doesn't have his normal amount of energy but I don't think he understands why. It's been kind of funny to watch him test his boundaries. He'll sprint to the back door to look at something and sprint back to me and then do it again and then by the second or third time he'll walk back with his arms raised ready for some relief! PICK ME UP MOMMA!! Sweet little thing!

Today, Caden kept picking up his bathing suit and swim shoes and bringing them to me. I told him how important it was for sick boys to stay home and rest and not go to the pool, but of course he doesn't understand. If we are home, we ALWAYS go to the pool! SO... we decided to bring the pool to the house and splashed around in a BUBBLE BATH in Mommy and Daddy's big bathtub!

Look at that little farmer's tan... I told you we go to the pool a lot! :)

And for posterity's sake... a bootie shot! :)

And there you have it... Caden and The Croup... a nail biter isn't it?! :)
Tomorrow's Friday!! Yay for the weekend!


CaseyWiegand said...

oh so sad!!! sweet baby :)!!!!

KK said...

My sweet little sorry he's been so sick. But he is still so stinking cute!

Cori said...

So glad he's feeling better! He is still as cute as can be!

Melissa said...

so sorry about caden and croup...not fun! i'm sure you are the best caretaker around though! hope he gets to feeling better soon!