Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Tale of Two Boys' Birthdays

September 19th...

It's a special day...

Because on that day we celebrate the lives of two special boys! The first, born in 2013 and the second just one year later in 2014. And if this wasn't special enough, an important lady preceded them both and one of them wouldn't be here without her. 

As of now, we have three birthdays we celebrate on September 19th... with our track record I'm not going to be surprised if we add more to this list! 

But for now...

We celebrate...


On September 19th!

Here is Bennett... sweet little man, just minutes after he sped into this world with grace and ease! He was "easy-ish" on his Mama and arrived safely and for that we were all very grateful and humbled at the Lord's mercy.

My first nephew and my third nephew... from the same crew and both equally handsome, although one looking the spitting image of his dad and the other of his mommy! 

And then there's this other guy... nephew #2 and the one who shares my literal blood and my heart with the other two! :)


He turned 1 this year... 1! That is so very hard to believe!

And Kaki took it upon herself to be the event photog, even through a professional was also in attendance. 

She started with a selfie... obvi!

And then turned the camera on the birthday boy... in one of his many birthday outfits! :)

Whit's mama did a fabulous job celebrating her boy and we had fun joining in! It ended up being the perfect weekend and perfect timing with Bennett's arrival!

Whit was too busy eating cake to do much of anything with his presents at the party, but we got to see him in action after his nap!!

The musical card was a hit... this isn't my first nephew (or kid) rodeo! Hours of endless entertainment!

I was so grateful to be there on that couch celebrating with Whit and fam! Kaki's class had a stomach bug circulating her class that week... there were 4 kids and her teacher in her class and everyone up and down her hallway... I just knew we were going to miss out on the fun! But, the Lord was so so so gracious to us and let us skip that round of ick and gave us the free pass to celebrate with everyone!! So grateful!

Me snapping a selfie while mom is snapping a pic of her own... kind of funny! :) And Justin is chewing ice and Josh is thrilled!

Matching dudes in turtle jams... and then the solo girlie girl! Sweet Kaki... holding down the girl cousin fort! :)

She doesn't seem to mind one bit!! Especially with a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY boy like Whit to play (boss around) with! :) :) Love that boy! Happy Birthday Whitters!!

On our way home from Nac on Sunday we swung through Houston to meet Baby B, who of course we have already affectionately nicknamed Little B. G-Dawg and Little B, a regular rap duo coming off the mean streets of H-town! Love it! :)

So I haven't met many babies I don't like, but Bennett I LOVE!! :) He's the sweetest, cutest little dark-headed bundle of joy ever!

My pics of the cousins and Aunt Ree Ree are dark... boo!! But Caden and Kaki were excited to meet Baby Bennett but probably even more excited to play with G! They love each other so much!!

And the g-rents... four grandkids strong and growing!!! :)

And there is the other birthday girl... Happy Birthday Nana!! What a day! And what a crew you share it with!

All of that celebrating with her boy cousins can make a girl sleepy...

A tale of two boys' birthdays... 

Grateful to have the opportunity to watch them grow!

I love you two boys!!

Happy Birthday!!


KK said...

Yay for healthy babies,delightful toddlers and doting grandmothers. September 19th is a special day indeed.

Cori said...

So glad y'all could meet sweet Bennett! What a special day!

Emily and Josh said...

such a fun weekend all around!