Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2nd Annual Cousins Camp

Nana and Bop, our gracious and enthusiastic Camp Directors from last summer decided that they wanted to host camp yet again this year. We were excited when we received our official camp invitation in the mail!

This year's theme was Farm Animals... fun!

We all rolled in on a Monday just in time for Opening Ceremonies...

Or for Nana to read Mrs. Wishy Washy... and clearly I did not pay near enough attention because I just had to ask Caden what the book we read each day was called and he remembered... so he was paying attention! There IS hope for school yet! :)

After our opening ceremony we went to the splash pad to cool off on a hot summer afternoon and then we headed to meet some REAL farm animals at the Ag Barn with Bop.

First up a cow... or calf... or something... that moos!

Kaki loves animals and was the bravest of the three participants at the barn!

Isn't she sweet?? The cow... and Kaki!

All three!

We also met some HUGE pigs and Kaki was in love! She wouldn't let us leave until she could pet the PINK PIG! They were covered in mud and were pretty much the picture of filth but she saw right through it and found them fascinating!

That evening we had a yummy dinner and got our rest for a big day at the Dr. Pepper Museum!

So the museum didn't have anything to do with farm animals but we suggested that we go there this year so Nana stretched it... and said that COWS make ice cream and you can't eat a Dr. Pepper float without ice cream and you can't get ice cream without cows... you know... circle of life!

Of course the kiddos wore their cute new cousins camp shirts for our day trip and enjoyed slurping up a treat at the end of our tour!

After the museum we headed to campus to the bookstore... a MUST! And the farm animals help us make leather, which makes footballs and football are sold at the bookstore! :)

And Chick fil a doesn't use cows, but they encourage eating lots of chicken! :)

So we did...

In the SUB!

Each of our campers got a treat on campus!

Caden wore himself out playing soccer... with his official Baylor ball! Pink cheeked...

Graham loves to snuggle with Caden and vice versa!

Kaki got a BU Hello Kitty... hilarious!

After our big morning out and about we took good naps and then took the kids to the gym to play after dinner... and we timed it just perfectly to be "trapped" at the school during an epic thunderstorm! So we got a little wet at the end of our night but had LOTS of fun... totally worth it!

These two ran around like crazy people and Caden and Bop played volleyball... there wasn't a white cheek left in the place! :)

We all slept good that night!

The next morning Nana had a closing ceremony activity planned where we bathed our farm animals in the mud... or chocolate pudding and then cleaned them off again. The younger two thought it was fabulous... Mr. I Don't Like to Get Messy but LOVE Playing with My New Ball didn't so much care for the pudding activity, but he got the connection between the pudding and the week's theme book Mrs. Wishy Washy better than anyone... :)

Nana works so hard coordinating cousins camp... we made pigs and cows, our hand print pillow case and of course lots of fun memories! We can't wait for Baby Bennett to join us next year!! 

Thanks for all of the fun Nana and Bop... 

I think this face says it all...

Cousin Camp 2014... a sweet success!!


KK said...

Caden is just getting too dang old!! Such a sweet first in line cousin on both sides.

Sharla Cox said...

It is so much fun to see the 3 of them together!