Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Photo Dump...

Hot dang, I'm catching up! And don't it feel good!! HEY!

This is a random collection of pictures of family happenings... I can hardly believe it's mid-October... I am just not sure when that happened, but it did... and I've got pics to prove it!

We've been enjoying our school routine... it's been a blessing to be at home with my little ones! I have SO enjoyed limited schedules and no lunch packing! :) I know I have to live it up now... Kindergarten is 5 days a week... can y'all believe that? 5 days a week! It seems a bit excessive if you ask me, but no one did!

Caden started out LOVING school... couldn't wait to get started each day, but I'd be lying if I said it's that way now... many days he is reluctant to "start school." But, that is because he has to temporarily put down whatever particular piece of Baylor Game reenactment he is using at the time to do some "real" learning. Although, I will say Baylor games teach you so much. Spelling... B-A-Y-L-O-R. Sequences... That's another Baylor First down! Music... cue the band. Physical Ed... catch, run, tackle, throw. Health... hydrate, stretch, warm-up. Math... 4 yards to go... It's really a very valuable teaching tool. It's too bad he knows WAY more about it than his teacher!

Kaki has been one that has surprised me... I often let her "out" of school early so Caden and I can work on certain things but she INSISTS on staying and "co-wor." Silly girl!

In September we had the pleasure of taking care of this cutie for the night... AK! I love you and your sweet Mama!!

So when we starting working on handwriting I seriously questioned my decision to homeschool... what WAS I thinking... this is terrible! There's no crying in handwriting... at least I didn't think there would or should be... OH BUT THERE WAS! Hence why there is an app called, Handwriting Without Tears... and it is fabulous! Thank you creator of this gem! We love you!

One day (this happens most times we got to the HEB) I shook my mommy finger at a lady driving SUPER DUPER fast through the parking lot. I was peeved... just peeved!! So I took note of her flashy new sports crossover car and marched myself to her car and left her a note... HMPH!! I'm sure she has repented and changed her speedy ways... did I mention she could have been my kids' grandma??! Oh yah... old broad has no business going that fast!! 

Of course this is coming from the broad who has gotten pulled over three times in the last year... speed traps... our town is crazy ridiculous!! Justin had two tickets within 10 days just recently... it's a conspiracy... and has nothing to do with our inability to read and follow directions!

Kaki got a hair cut... she had such fun!

You can also check out her super cool band-aid... she had her flu shot the same day... I would share that little gem of an experience with the blog world, but frankly it would be way too dramatic and I don't think anyone could handle it... And it had nothing to do with Kaki, by the way. Also... I am not sure I want to make Caden re-live it when he's 18 and reading through our blog... but maybe when he's a Dad having to put his child into a straight jacket just to get a shot I'll wish I had written about it... 

This guy... Panic McPanicston (when it comes to needles and dentists...) 

But he's learning to cut... so that's good, right?

Chak-ster loves her Daddy and loves her technology... she got the best of both worlds one Saturday morning.

We had a make-up birthday date... it was fabulous and yummy!!

One morning we were collecting leaves for a school project and our sprinklers came on... so... when in Rome... 

Also... when in Rome... eat cream... sans spoon, manners and clothes!

We HAD (like no food in the house) HAD to go to the store during a monsoon... so we busted out our rain coats and braved it... it ended up being pretty fun!

Love this sweet pic of my boy trucking his way to the tailgate area!

Park play...

Science lesson while playing at park...

Learning to set the table...

girl time... all of us!

Learning about how much we grow... 

Stoplights... traffic safety...

Paul and Silas in Jail... RUH-ROH!

Working hard...

I know it may not look like progress but it's PROGRESS!!

Kaki often goes shopping in our pantry and unloads it on her table... this came the day after I cleaned it out and organized it... naturally! :)

After being in Nac for the weekend Kaki came home and decided she kind of liked sitting in a big girl chair and pushed her high chair out of the way and said she was ready... well, okay then! 

If only she'd do this with potty training... which I am sure she will... but I have pretty strong feelings about waiting until 10 to potty train... :)

Sweet capture of my book worm!

Noah... rainbow... colors... fine motor... sorting... FUN!!

Eggsellent e's!

Lap time after nap time... and smooches!

Was TICKLED GREEN... to meet Melanie Shankle aka Big Mama last Monday when she came and spoke at my MOPS group! She was humble, hilarious and holy in just the right proportions. Such a blessing! 

Happy Weekend! And Sic 'Em Bears... phew!


Cori said...

Love all these sweet pics of your sweet kiddos!

Sharla Cox said...

So many great pictures! There are lots of cute school ideas.