Monday, August 5, 2013

KK and Albi In Charge

Where we left off...

After our fun weekend in Nacogdoches, Justin and I let KK and Albi fly solo or as a duo, and take Kaki and Caden home to CC with them. They would hang for a few days until we came through Tuesday to pick them up on our way to the beach. With all of the family in town for the shower, some of them took the opportunity to head to CC to visit too. SO... Kaki and Caden had a fun crew to hang with while they were there. Martha, Chatty, Clay and Grandmother were all there to play with!

And play they did...

KK and Albi were brave to take on C and K for the 6+ hour car ride back to CC. But they were so excited to be with Kk and Albi that they didn't want to do anything to spoil the fun and were apparently perfect angels... amazing! :) In all truth, Caden has always been a great traveler and Kaki was too, up until last summer... and then we hit a rough patch. She has gotten MUCH better and is settling in to being just as content as her big bro... and all of God's people said, AMEN!!

Kaki held out until the last 30 minutes... and then she took a quick snooze...

Sweet girl!

Back in Gtown, Justin and I didn't really know much of what to do with ourselves! Of course, this is after I was over my initial tears... I cried off and on the entire way home... thankfully (for Justin) we were in separate cars! :) 

But, over the next few days I don't think I cried once... maybe once... I can't remember, but I did keep myself very busy and enjoyed getting lots of things done on our rainy, rainy days!

Kaki and Caden woke up ready to play on their first morning in CC!

Kaki's hair does wonderful things in humidity... wonderful!

Kaki cheered on Caden while he played hoops, until it was time to load up and head to the Aquarium with the crew... what fun!!

Caden and Kaki had a great time exploring... 

Caden watching the dolphin show...

Next up... lunch

And tats...

The rest of their time was filled with swimming, playing, swimming, playing in the rain... swimming in the rain... eating... sleeping... It was a rough trip for them! :)

By Tuesday evening they were excited to see us... well, at least Caden was. Kaki could have done without our arrival, but I know deep down she didn't mean it... even if it did hurt my feelings! :)

Kk and Albi had a house full of guests and still managed to spoil these two completely rotten! But rotten they didn't stay... :)

Until next time...

Happy Road Trippin'!!

Thanks KK and Albi for taking on our two crazy kiddos for a few days! They loved it WAY WAY WAY more than you know!! We are grateful for you!

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