Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Birdie Birthday Party...Complete with Big Girl Dress

A long, long time ago... like 3 or 4 months-ish... Kaki became obsessed with Birdie and her fabulous series of books, Birdie's Big Girl Dress, Birdie's Big Girl Shoes and Birdie Plays Dress Up. After taking a HUGE liking to Birdie's Big Girl Dress we ordered Birdie's Big Girl Shoes and checked out Birdie Plays Dress Up from the library. Kaki literally destroyed the first copy of Birdie we had because she read it SO much. She would sit and read it over and over again in her room, in the car and she INSISTED that we read Birdie before her nap and before bed EACH AND EVERY day. So we all began to know and love Birdie just as much as Kaki. 

As the time came to start thinking about Kaki's birthday party I decided that we HAD to do a Birdie Birthday party. It was really the only "thing" she was in to. In the book Birdie is in the search for the perfect dress to wear to her birthday party, but alas... she cannot find one that will work even in the fanciest boutique, but when she gets home she heads up to the attic with her dog Monster and pieces together a fabulously fun party dress out of her grandparents old clothes and accessories. So, Birdie really does showcase her own sense of style and encourages her readers to do the same.

I decided it would be fun to duplicate Birdie dress for Kaki... she would become Birdie and we'd have a smashing party all for her!

Thanks to Kk and Aunt Emily who hit the jackpot at a re-sale shop in Nac, Kaki's outfit came together pretty easily... while it wasn't EXACTLY the same, we were pretty darn close. The hat was a project that Hobby Lobby made very easy and the rest was just the details... 

Kaki did end up looking like the curly-haired version of her friend Birdie... at least we think so! :)

My friend Gina, cake and cookie maker extraordinaire took one of our copies of the our favorite book home with her to begin dreaming up all of the wonderful things she would create for Kaki's party. I included the pictures of her friends, Coco, Charlie and Eve so that the comparison is fair... Gina's creations literally look like the illustrator of the book would have been the baker... it's just crazy how talented she is! I am so thankful to have her as a friend for SO many reason, but the fact that she is over the top talented in this department sure doesn't hurt our relationship ANY! :)

Before the birthday party got started we took Kaki's picture... ahem...Birdie's picture by the birthday sign that Kk brings to all of the grandkid birthday parties... such fun!

Kaki and I did a trial run the week before her party with her hat and outfit... just to be sure we were good... and she LOVED it... that hat... who would have thought she'd have worn it ALL day... BUT she did! :)

Then we took her picture with the set-up before the cake and the cookies arrived...

There was some serious Pinterest inspired crafting going on leading up to the big day! :)

And after the cake and cookies got there... it's complete! :)


Monster... Birdie's dog... and his dapper, dapper top hat! :)

Another pic...

I have been WAITING for an excuse to make a DIY Marquee I pinned many months ago... and what could a girl love more than her name in lights???!!! :) 

It was super fun to make and it did require a little help form the birthday girl's sweet Daddy! :)


Getting closer...

I started off wanting to do a hot pink marquee but then thought that Kaki might want to use it in her room which is light blue and pink... so three spray paint cans later we got us a light blue "K" marquee!! :)

And the cutest girl in the world to pose beside it... :)

Cookie bouquet... see the friends? Monster? And Birdie's birthday cake with Kaki written on it instead... and of course we can't forget Birdie!

The cake...I don't even have words for how amazing it looked!

The Kaki sign... :)

We decided to keep it low key and just have a small party with family... it was perfect! And there is nothing that that girl would love more than all of her favorite people in ONE place! Of course, we did miss her aunts and uncles and her sweet cousin G-dawg! BUT... those grandparents, great-grandparents and special college cousin sure do trump most anyone! :)

Kaki and her main man, Bop!

Big bro...

KK and Caden watching Kaki open presents!!

You would think that with a small party and all sorts of time on our hands we would have snapped a few extra pictures... but once again I'm lame... and I missed Albi, Nana, Gran and Poppa... and shoot... I didn't even get a family shot! :)

Oh well, our Kaki girl had a super fun day and it was special to celebrate with her!!

After presents we had a big southern lunch, all of us sitting around the table together... it was lovely! :)

Kaki was READY to dig into her cookies... before we even cut the cake... :)

The girls... fuzzy, but at least we attempted! :)

After we finished up with our lunch we let Kaki-girl blow out her TWO candles on her special Birdie Birthday cake!! :) Thank you GINA... it was more than we could have ever hoped for!!

After stuffing ourselves with cake it was time to let it settle... and hang!

I thought I'd try my "head" at being Birdie... :) I think only Kaki-girl can pull off a Birdie Birthday Dress though... it takes a special girl!! :)

What a fun day celebrating our Kaki-Lou-Lou-Lou... 

We are so appreciative to everyone who was able to make it to our Birdie Birthday Bash!! We missed those of you who weren't here and are thankful that we had the opportunity to celebrate with everyone at some point... Kaki's birthday was two weeks long!! And how perfect for her second birthday!

We love you, Kaki-pants!! TWO!!!! 


KK said...

Love that birdie girl. She has one talented mom and friend who made her special day extra special. It was so fun.

Lesley Boyd said...

Holy cow, Katie! That is ADORABLE! What a fun party!

Sharla Cox said...

It was a great party for a precious girl!

Sujeanrim said...

A friend just forwarded me this !
LOVE this and wish you can plan a Birdie event for me:) A new book launches in Febuary (Birdies Big Girl Hair) that I would love to send Kaki.
Much love and happy belated birthday to your little Birdie,
Sujean Rim

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