Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cade-man Plays Soccer...

Cade-man started soccer this Spring. We had our first practice and game this week! Caden was SUPER excited to play and was so upset earlier in the year when he missed the first round of 2012 soccer sign-ups... he reminded me about it ALL. THE. TIME. With the help from Daddy of course! So I was going to be darned if I was going to let that happen again...

So we signed up and got Daddy prepped as Assistant Coach and we were ready. I am not going to lie, I was a bit apprehensive before we went to practice this week. Justin assured me that Caden would do GREAT and that I had nothing to worry about. But I know my little shy-guy and also know how long it can take him to get used to new situations and so I while I was very forthcoming with my enthusiasm from the outside, I was holding out a bit in my heart of hearts.

Justin was right... he did GREAT at practice. He was SO excited to be out there. He LIT up as soon as we got there. He ran and kicked and answered EVERY question the coach asked and was about as full of soccer enthusiasm as any three year old could be. The only time he seemed to be a bit timid was when they actually started to "PLAY" a "REAL" game before practice was over. The clump of knee-biters chasing one ball around a field was a bit of a shock to the system. But he recovered okay and was still very excited about soccer. And couldn't wait to wear his FANCY new uni and play in his FIRST game!

So game time came... before the sun! Seriously... we were up at 6:30 on a Saturday to get ready! I had made Caden's favorite breakfast and his uniform was ready to go... and OF course I did his hair... couldn't let my soccer star go to his first game with bed head... um no!

Daddy assisting with the cleats...

Kaki waiting patiently... still wondering why in the world someone tried to put a bow in her hair before 7:00am... not okay! So she ripped it right off and decided that bows are the new diamonds and wore it as a necklace! She was lookin' a bit tired... sweet thing!

Obligatory porch pic... with the soccer ball... SUPER CHEESE!!

We, of course, are the FIRST KID there from our team... you can't be a Cox if you're not early everywhere you go... especially when Daddy is involved!

So Caden had time to warm up and get loose... he was lookin' good...

His rubber-band rigged shorts were staying up in an all out run and so I was feeling pretty victorious all the way around...

Kaki was happy and content as always sitting in the "stands" eating her breakfast!!

The rest of the team showed up just in time for things to get started and we were off...

We should have taken our mini meltdown at practice as a sign of things to come... because once the game started we were in TROUBLE! Caden wanted NOTHING to do with soccer! NOTHING!!

SO UPSET! Uh-oh... my heart was saying, "Oh no, this is what I was worried about!" And Daddy was trying to figure out if he would get arrested for making his three year old walk home!

He kept saying (through tears), "I just want to play soccer! I want to play so bad!"

And we had to let him in on the cold hard truth, "THIS IS SOCCER!!" Poor thing is a bit self-involved and thinks that he should have his own ball and just get to kick it around the field and into the goal completely uncontested! Clearly, team sports are something we need! Which is why we're here, right?! :)

He kept asking, "Why can't I play soccer?" "Why that guy blowing that whistle?" "I don't like that guy with the whistle."

The whistle was too loud, there were NOT near enough balls, and there were TOO MANY kids! Oh my! It was a soccer fail!

We did get him to go out and try a few times and that was all I asked... that he tried! But most of the time he was just fine hanging with Mommy on the sidelines "cheering" for the Chivas!

So maybe three was a bit young to start soccer but for a kid who was READY we decided to give it a go and you just never know. Oddly enough he said he has SO MUCH FUN at his soccer game, so it seems that it wasn't all that traumatic just confusing and upsetting that he didn't get to RULE the field! Control freak, much?! I'm afraid he comes by it oh so naturally... on both sides! Bless him!

We're gonna keep at it and pray that Caden continues to adjust to life as a "soccer star..." it's hard work, but somebody's gotta do it, right?! :)


KK said...

Oh my. I am crying,laughing so hard. Stinks when we figure out we can't rule everything!! Great life lesson,just a tough one for a three year old. Love that boy.

Ashley Hall said...

Oh I am dying! I love this!! My Graham reminds me of your Caden so much! Thank you for being the guinea pig for us with team sports and showing me we might wait til age 10 to start! Ha!!