Friday, March 16, 2012

Brother and Sister: A Photo Dialogue

It's picture time... in Kk and Albi's new backyard that is full of trees and bright-colored flowers. Kaki has on a new spring dress and Caden's shirt is (mostly) clean and his hair is sweaty which makes styling it a breeze...

Do you think we can do it? Can we get a good picture of BOTH Caden AND Kaki? We weren't too sure but we were sure going to give it our best... and let the camera to the rest!

Turns out pictures really DO say one thousand words (or more)... let's listen in...

Really? Do I have to? With him? He's sweaty... and frankly, he smells!
Come on Ta-ki, get a little closer! You can't resist the cheese.

You're right... the cheese smell is overwhelming! I can't even look in your direction!
Tilt your head! Give 'em the weak in your knees, cheese!

No, no! You've got it all wrong. The finger prop is the weak in the knees, cheese! Try it!
They're lovin' it... absolutely lovin' it!

You're right! They are clapping and hootin' and hollerin'... we must be good!
Let's clap back...they love the kid clap!

Nope! They only like MY kid clap... you're too old! Just sit still and smile... and maybe try to open your eyes... WIDER!
You have so much to learn...squinty eyes are the new mysterious! Work it, own it!

You think we're almost done? I'm ready for my close-up.
Sure thing. I'm sure to drive them crazy soon enough.

Are you sure? Mommy? Kk? Help! He's starting to spaz!
Bah-hahahaha! I'm feelin' it now... cheese!!!

HAHAHA! Sit still?! They keep saying sit still and smile! Do they know you at ALL?
No kidding... still?! Energy like mine can't be harnessed!

What's the deal with your hands on your feet? Gonna attempt the human pretzel?
This'll get 'em... watch and learn, Ta-ki Pants... watch and learn.

Just a few more... did you hear that? They want us to get closer... holding breath now!
Aw, shucks! Don't be bashful Ta-ki... I won't bite... hard!

Snap, click, hurry! The smell... don't forget the smell!
Give 'em the model-eye... they love it!

Closer? I don't think they said Closer! No, no they said OVER! Over!
Come here you little tootie-tootie!

Oh gosh! One more... they promised... come on let's pull it together for a good one! Cheese!
This is it! The big one! Let's bring it home Ta-ki!!

Phew! Can I get someone in here to freshen me up... before my close-up.
I'm out? You want me out of this picture? I AM the picture!

Let's do this my way... mystery in the eyes? Oh no... all in the mouth!

I'm cute! I know it! So cute! And cuddly! And cute! And lovely!

I can be serious... and thoughtful... and reflective...

But I prefer a little goofy in my life... okay, a LOT goofy!

Oh my! What IS he doing now?!

He may be smelly but that guy sure does know how to make a girl giggle!

Is amateur hour over? My turn... watch and learn!

Pullin' out the big guns... Mommy's gonna love this one!

Hey, did you know I can clap?! Watch!

To which we all said, "YES, CADEN! We know you can clap! For the love... just sit STILL!!"


KK said...

Sweetest and cutest kids ever!! Glad we had at least one hour of sun.

Melissa said...

You got some amazing pics!! Definitely some framers! Let me know next time y'all are in Houston and hopefully we can make it work to get together!