Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmastime with the Coxes

Well, we haven't spread much Christmas cheer on the blog lately, have we? I have so loved seeing pictures of people's children in their Christmas duds, families decorating the tree, the different places the elf on the shelf has landed and of course all of the infamous Santa pics! Christmastime is a great time to be a part of the blog world, isn't it?!

Christmas has been in full swing around here for the past few weeks... starting the Sunday we got back from our Thanksgiving travels... we decorated the Christmas tree... as a family...

... of four!
And this week, Caden and I finally sat down to write his letter to Santa! We had Bob, our elf on the shelf, who is new to our house this year, deliver our letter to Santa for us. And boy were we thankful to Bob because Mommy didn't have any more stamps! :) And you know it does take quite a few to get ALL the way to the North Pole!

I wrote the letter to Santa and left some blanks for Caden to "fill in..." Just in case you can't read it, the letter says...

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I have been a very good band boy this year. For Christmas I would like the Baylor Band. Thanks for loving me and Kaki. I will leave Sprite and Cookies for you. See you on Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!

Caden Cox Ford

We're working on the whole middle name thing... it's coming... except for apparently even Kaki's middle name is Ford... and mine too... and I bet if you asked... your middle name would be Ford too! :)
This morning we took the opportunity to dress the kids up and take them to see Santa. We have been home bound ALL week with a very sick little boy. He had the winter cold crud and I think is just now on the tail end of it... but if we didn't do it today, we knew we just wouldn't do it... so cough or not, we did it...

First a little photo shoot at home...

I was so excited about our black, white and red Christmas color combo... SO cute! :)

Naughty or nice??!!! You decide...

Caden has a hard time taking his eyes off of Kaki... and who can blame him?!

Look at that boy... when did he get so big?!!

Sweet as sugar, I tell ya... most of the time! :)

Next up... to Santa we go...

It started out good... with the appropriate amounts of wonder and awe showing up in Caden's little face. And Kaki was just overwhelmed by all of the eye candy... BUT as we got closer...

Uh oh... this MAY not happen... shoot!

Not a complete meltdown... he did sit in his lap... PROGRESS!

Poor Santa was a bit concerned... but was smart to pull out the big guns with the sucker! :) And by the end Caden managed to tell Santa that he wanted cymbals like the Baylor Band boys have... and then was pretty disappointed on the ride home. He kept saying, "Santa not give me my cymbals..." I think he is a bit confused on the ask and you shall receive principle... :) Patience is a bit of an issue... Ha!

After fulfilling out Santa duties we had to go cash in on our Santa bribe at the Disney Store. Caden and Kaki both got to pick out one thing for being such sweet Christmas participants this year... or at least for not injuring anyone in the process... :)

Then it was LUNCH time at Mighty Fine... Caden's favorite... besides Schlotzsky's! Milkshake with his burger...YUM!

Then we got home and checked the mail and Kaki's NEW red bow had arrived so it was photo shoot time ALL OVER AGAIN! The boys were SUPER happy about this! :)

But I am so glad we did it because look at these...

The cutest little red-bowed girl ever... :)

And even brother did okay... little ham that he is! :)

Model-esque... :)
And a picture with their "prizes!" Minnie and Oso were proud to be a part of our family photo shoot... I am just sure of it! :)

Sweet little duo of Christmas cuties and their Disney buddies! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Heisman Day!! We asked Santa for a Heisman!!!!


KK said...

Awww. So so cute. And what big progress from last year! Love the new bow. You know how kk loves her some red! Glad you guys could get out of the house.

Cori said...

So much cuteness! Looks like there is lots of Christmas fun at y'alls house! I'm glad the Santa trip was mostly successful! Love y'all!