Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday/Sunda(y)(e) with a ZBB Cherry On Top!!

It has been A WEEK... since I blogged last... and if you are curious as to how the rest of our week went after the Poop, Pack 'n Play and Plumbing issues... it got better! BUT, I did add a new element to my discipline repertoire... the Spanking Spoon! I thought I'd never... BUT alas I have and it works! But more on that some time later...

How about a little weekend recap?? Much more exciting, don't you think?

Saturday morning, the Cox boys and I headed to San Antonio... Justin had a work obligation all day on Saturday, so Caden and I thought we'd tag along and see one of the many projects Daddy has been working on and then meet up with KK and Albi and spend some time with them!

KK and Albi came to pick Caden and I up at Justin's company's latest model home... one that we have been hearing so much about and one that we have been highly anticipating getting to check out! We were so excited to see the new look of Jimmy Jacobs! If you're in the New Braunfels area... head on over to Vintage Oaks and check it out!! You'll be inspired! :)

Once we made it back in to San Antonio, KK and Albi took Caden and I out to do a little shopping! Caden was treated some new kicks and I upgraded my eyewear... KK helped me pick them out and decided that there was NO better time for a little out-of-my-comfort-zone-preggo-pick-me-up than with a new style/color of sunglasses! Picture later in the post...

During the morning of shopping, Caden kept feeling increasingly warm... like uh oh we have a fever warm! He had been coughing and snotting for days... but really when is he not coughing and snotting?! BUT sure enough... we got home to find out he had a fever! Normally, I wouldn't immediately hop to the doctor because of a fever, but with our recurrent sinus infections and our latest news of LOSING an ear tube I figured we better get that ear checked out... especially since Justin and I would be leaving Caden with KK and Albi for the night on Sunday night...

So to Urgent Care we went...

And a strep test, a gatorade and a few tears later we left with a diagnosis of allergies... which he DOES not have according to our recent visit to the allergist... ha! :) But we did get the all clear on the ear so I felt assured that his ear drum would stay in tact until he got home on Monday! We're praying that Caden just has "first year at MDO" syndrome and not another issue... for now we are in the wait and see process! Prayers appreciated! :)

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key... just hanging around the house waiting on Daddy to get home from his big event. Once he returned home Albi and Kk treated us to a WAY YUMMY dinner and we topped it off with cupcakes from a new cupcake place in town... WAY TOO YUMMY!

Sunday morning Caden's fever was down and he seemed to be feeling a bit better, but KK and Albi still didn't want to risk it and drag him all around Sea World like they had originally planned so they took it slow and eased into their day and Justin and I said PEACE OUT and headed back to the Rock to get ready for our BIG DATE night...(I am proud to say that leaving Caden is getting easier but I still cried... BUT only once... and only for a few minutes! Progress...)

Before we could get ready for our date we had some errands to run and some yard work to do! Or should I say Justin had some yard work to do while I soaked in some sun in my zero gravity chair in the back yard... shoulder to shoulder time at its finest! :)

Albi and KK took Caden to Toys R Us on Sunday afternoon and let him pick out a few new things... or maybe he PICKED OUT some new things and said here you go KK and Albi I'll take these...

KK and Albi said it was a FULL 45 minutes of, "Yook KK, Yook!!" "Oooooo Albi, yook!!"

And top prize from the toy store was...

GOOFY... yet ANOTHER bed friend!! God bless this child... he's gonna need a bigger bed if we get too many more! It might be time to do the Mommy and Daddy smack down and remove a few of them!! No one ever said being a parent was easy... :) But being a grandparent sure is... :) And they deserve it... they have done paid their dues!!

Sunday night Justin and I had a SUPER FUN date night planned! You could call it a Babymoon Staycation for just ADULTS unlike the Babymoon Staycation we had that was ALL about Caden. For years we have been following the Zac Brown Band... it is a band that we both LOVE and bust out singing together in the car, around the house, getting ready in the bathroom, etc. We have been trying to see them in concert FOREVER and finally they started playing some Texas shows... and dag gum if I don't turn up pregnant! :) We weren't really wanting to travel, find a place to stay, leave Caden for an entire weekend, etc. just to go to a concert, BUT a few months ago I got an email from the Round Rock Express (our minor league baseball team here in RR) saying that ZBB was coming to the Dell Diamond... OMG!! That is in our backyard!! WE are GOING!!

So the DAY the tickets went on sale at 10am I was anxiously waiting by the computer ready to pounce...

And I scored us some pretty GREAT seats!!

Right behind the dugout... front row and center! :)

Me and my cute hubby in our new shades... What do you think?!! A good NEW look?!! :)

Life doesn't get much better for Justin... feet up, good music, GREAT company and a BEER! :) AND a little bit of chicken fried... of course!!

The concert was GREAT! We got there about 6:15 and we left about 10:45 which for me is a HUGE triumph... big, round and pregnant is not the MOST ideal state to be in when going to a concert, BUT for the love of a great band and of course a most wonderful and supportive husband... I was willing to tough it out! :) And I am guessing you can imagine that it wasn't really all that tough!!

Thanks Kk and Albi for taking care of our little man! It was a MUCH need and MUCH appreciated night out on the town!!


Melissa said...

What a fun date night!! Love the shades!! You look so cute in them! P.S. 10:45 is way impressive!

KK said...

Glad you guys had fun cause we sure did!!